47 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 506

  1. I would have a life partner. Strangely, I’m not sure if I would be happier because I’m very happy by myself. I guess it would be nice to share things with someone (i.e., meals, movies, my bed). I’ve been there before and had a lot more grief than I wanted. That might have been because I was with the wrong person; imagine that.

    1. Me too! In Sardinia! Writing novels or something else artistico like photographing desolate ruins! Drinking strong, locally grown red wine in taverns without tourists! Swimming on wild beaches with beautiful women! In short… just what probably 99 per cent of the population would dream about!

  2. I would be surrounded by family and friends that I love, in my dream home and be able to retire from work to help others. I would be near mountains and the beach. Hopefully I would be healthy and happy as a pig in mud!

  3. Some people that aren’t with us would be. Some that are sick wouldn’t be. Some that are troubled would be happy. Otherwise I’m very happy. Oh yeah, I’d like to see everyone get along better. Oh yeah, I’d like to have a small home by the beach also.

  4. My life would be back to my normal as of 15 +/- years ago. I am plagued w/ an unbelievable amount of known & unknown medical problems. All of this makes it nearly impossible to keep up chores. More importantly it keeps me from being able to focus on the people I love and the good things in life. Why? My brain is both conscientiously and unconscienstcouchly focused on my unrelenting pain.

  5. Oohh… I like this question. I have a sneaky feeling much of my list could actually be achieved if I really believe it!
    I’d like perfect health. That means bye bye MS. Okay that one isn’t achievable just yet but I’m still living in hope one day…
    Then I’d like to live in a decluttered home. I don’t like where I live as it’s my husband’s family home (he bought it off them) and I joined him years later. He gets to say what colours and decor goes – sigh. But I’d love to get it shop-shape at the very least. This is probably achievable to a certain extent, bearing in mind I can only chuck my own stuff out and not everyone else’s!
    I’d love to be more free as a person. Free from the negativity of other people; I’d like to learn how to rise above criticism and general horribleness without going under.
    And I’d like to be able to stop and think before reacting (and then NOT react!).
    That’s probably learn-able too. So two out of three isn’t bad is it?! 😆

  6. I’d live in a humble off grid mountain farm near a lake and stream, with solar electricity, hot water, wood stove, satellite internet and home grown foods, miles and miles away from the nearest town with my truck barely used with just my husband and I and our dog under sky’s unpolluted view filled with stars we’d be cozy content while life came and went away from all the busyness of city and political strifes we’d simply enjoy the simple life

      1. The difference is we’re on the grid. Live in a huge mid century modern contemporary home and during winter rely on groceries. Though we do have been converting our sunroom into a greenhouse and backyard we’ve built four huge raises beds for farming to be utilized in spring through fall of this year. This coming year we’re going to try dehydrating and preserving our home grown foods so they last the winter we shall see! It’s still our goal to be off grid and we’re working on it. It’s just an expensive endeavor 😉 meanwhile we keep dreaming and planning

  7. Great question ! I would be traveling all over the world. Run my own NGO. Be with people I love and have loads of time for personal reflection & joy

  8. I would have enough funds to have a house on the beach so my family and I could spend summers there and I would live without anxiety and depression. Other than that my life is pretty much as good as it gets don’t want much more just happy healthy and safe for all of us really.

  9. There would be little change to my world as what I deem to be the most desirable things are within my reach, already surrounding me or future dreams I’m setting out to claim xoxo

  10. I’d be married and have ten lovely children, lol!!! And I’d be a much better person than I am, and I would love the Lord far more, and I’d see beauty and His providence and kind provision in everything.

  11. I would be peacefully sitting in a cabin in the woods, waking up every morning to the soft roar of a nearby river, while every world nation equitably distributed its resources among its citizens, so no one lived in poverty, fear, or hatred.

  12. At first I thought it would be an easy question to answer, but when I changed one thing on the board something else happened that I didn’t like. If I take out unhappiness will I know happiness? So, I choose to say It would look kind of the same but more pleasant, a little less jarring, and richer in love.

  13. Giving into some of my deepest desires…

    I guess it depends upon which deep desire I chose to pursue: carnal, emotional, or philanthropic ones.

    Giving in to some of mine would mean abandoning my Catholic values and I could end up a prolific sinner. On the other hand, I have other more noble desires I’d like to pursue, some may even say I would become extremely virtuous.

    Who knows how my life may look, hey.

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