SnapDragon Speaks: On Being Lost & Found.

Original Painting by SnapDragon X. 2018.

Hello, Dear Reader.

It’s nice to see you again.

I’m still here.

I’m still SnapDragon, but now I’m a mom!


Our little boy came ten weeks early, and while it’s been an insanely stressful adventure, I’m happy to report he’s doing well. He’s our little champ, getting stronger every day.

And so, in this new year and new journey into motherhood, I’m assessing all that was lost–and all that is found–in this carousel ride of life.

On Being Lost & Found

I’ve lost any sense of shame for my body; I am imperfect, yet so very strong.

I’ve found an even deeper layer of love within myself, to give to my husband and to our son.

I’ve lost patience for adults who cannot handle the truth;

and I’ve found the courage to distance myself from such phonies.

I’ve lost sleep;

I’ve found wrinkles.

I’ve lost any and all fucks given for vanity.

I’ve lost the need to second-guess myself and found forgiveness for when I do.

I’m lost in the awe-inspiring mystery of this existence;

I’m found within a circle of friends.

. . .

Lose yourself, so you may find yourself.

. . .

What have you lost, Dear Reader? What have you found? πŸ•Š

. . .

SnapDragon is a Seinfeld-watching homebody who just wants people to be real, yo.

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40 thoughts on “SnapDragon Speaks: On Being Lost & Found.

  1. I have lost one of the closest frnd of mine on 31st .. as in we had sm fight … But I found me .. I never knew that I hv bcm so strong that now it doesnt hurt that much when someone leaves… Ofc it does hurt … But now the pain is lesser than how it used to be . 😌

  2. Well I enjoyed reading this lovely piece of writing , I liked the idea to lose yourself in order to be found again. I think I have played this game of being lost and found many a times, and I think we all can relate to it. Tc

  3. Congrats to you! My son was born 11 weeks early and just turned 4! I have been in your shoes momma, so I know how incredibly strong you are right now. Blessings to your little bundle and to you and your hubby.

  4. Interesting read ! Losing sleep – oh, that’s a 24Γ—7 job for a new mom but with hubby in the team – incredibly tiring but paramountly sweet – the priceless unconditional love that God has bestowed to only one species – Parents.

    Sending well wishes. πŸ’•

  5. these are the children i have taken care f for over a decade…we call the ones born under 1 lb “micro preemies”. they are truly miracles. Many of them have remained hospitalized for up to a year or more before they are sent home and receive 16-24 hr a day nursing care ( which is where i ( and nurse like myself) come in. )I have had many trached and vented babies/infants & children..most of whom recover completely and by age 3 or so, you would never know how rough they ( and their parents!) had it.I don’t know the exact issues you may have dealt with or any ongoing medical ones but My hugs and blessings go out to you- For your strength, heart, and for facing this beautiful challenge with grace:)

    1. Wow! Thanks so much for your comment, and for the important work you do. Our son was born at three pounds, three ounces, so he was a little on the β€œbigger side” for his gestational age. He’s now pushing six pounds! He’s a strong fellow. We are also enormously grateful for the medical staff. Their dedication, and the research and dedication from all who came before them in their field, saved his life. May we always support the sciences!πŸ•Š

      1. :)..enjoy him! he will get nice & heavy quicker than ya think! i am always surprised at how quickly my “little” ones become not so light anymore!..:)

    2. I loved reading your reply my eldest was born 1 and a half kg and a premature I can relate very well nursery, nurse taking care of these babies while they are on vent and incubators by tubes in their noses . My love and hugs for you

      1. aww..ty…my heart and hugs go out to you all with these miracles…i always tell the parents that you were the ones trusted with such fragile & special children, they are truly blessings:)

  6. Many congratulations, children are gifts.

    Very nicely written post, really made me think.

    Since entering parenthood in October 2018 I have lost probably about 95% of my free time and learned about 95% of my wisdom. Overall I’m pleased with life these days so it seems a fair trade!

  7. Super cool painting! I love colorful and “folksy” work like yours. Congratulations on the birth of your son. The fact he was premature suggests that he was in a hurry to get out and start experiencing this interesting world as soon as he could. I’ve recently lost all patience for dealing with willfully ignorant and intolerant people. Thanks so much for this cool blog.

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