22 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 495

  1. Adjusting to being on my own after divorce a couple years ago. It all falls on me. Which is fine. Making my own decisions. Change even if for the better is still scary.

  2. I’ve moved from being almost house bound to the return to school for something I really love. There’s no guarantees, but it’s movement towards something instead of stagnation.

  3. I became a grandfather and the experience is great. I feel more positive overall except professionally at the job that pays the bills. Zero days in a hospital, what’s not to like. Everyone around me got a year older also and that is nothing to be taken for granted. I’m learning to relax and be more satisfied in life.

  4. Returning to school at the age of 30. My first time ever to a University. Had always wanted to do this but was always nervous. An injury to my cervical spine forced me out of my unhappy profession and pushed me towards something I’d always dreamed of, but made excuses to not pursue. Life works in mysterious ways. <3

  5. In late September of last year, I made the decision to try to get into a long-term care facility for the disabled. I’ve been fighting first to get approved for long-term care funding, which I finally got in early June. Then I had to find a care facility. I will most likely be moving into one sometime in September or early October.

  6. At the beginning of the year, I was upset with myself for always thinking about writing my book but never following through. One day in March, I was inspired to take my book idea and turn it into a blog. I wrote 8 articles, then officially started my blog in May. I’m so happy I did. It was the best decision I ever made. I love blogging and the community I joined. 🙂

  7. I have had to learn to live a life without my mum. I’ve had to carry on doing all the “normal” things whilst propelling myself forward into my career without having the support of my mum, my biggest fan.

    1. Congratulations! That’s awesome. 🙂 I hope someday I can put the stuff I write out there for people to read. I’ve been working at Food Lion but being a professional writer is what I REALLY want to do in the long run.

  8. I got my first job. My brother went off to college. My sister is practically ready to get her driver’s license. My dad got a new job. My dog passed away and now my mom’s dog is sleeping in my room every night. A lot of things have happened over the past year or so; some good, some bad.

  9. All about adjustments. 😏

    I graduate in college with a 4-year degree course. 🎓

    Already working for 4 years now.

    Everything felt surreal! 😭

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