Life: Stories and Adventures

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Drawing by Adrian Serghie

There is such a big difference between our lives and the lives other people live. This happens not because we live different lives, but because we live our life from a first person’s perspective, whilst everybody else’s life is seen from a third person’s perspective.

We see and perceive other lives through stories and adventures, whilst we see our life through the things we need to do. Now the question is: what do we like the most? Stories and adventures or things to do?

For me, it’s always stories and adventures and that’s why I try to see my life from this third person’s perspective from time to time. I project myself up there somewhere (as a bird or fly or falling pigeon sh*t) and I try to see the story behind my daily life. This gives a meaning for everything I do and it also helps with my hope.

When you think about other people’s lives, what do you see? Do you the daily crap they need to do or do you see stories? What about the times when people talk about their lives? What do they say? Stories or crap? Usually, each crap is wrapped up in some sort of a story and it has some sort of a meaning that we fail to see if we live it.

Bottom line? Each life has a meaning even though it is buried deep down in a crap. The question is: are we willing to see the meaning of our life?

9 thoughts on “Life: Stories and Adventures

  1. The life is a story itself. Somebody’s life could be crap while someone else could have life full with fun. Can be make a uturn or reverse our life or live the life the way we want? We see our life everyday. We don’t have choice except dealing with our life :).

  2. Awesome! Love this! We should always try to see others as stories with lives of their own it allows us to look at life from a different perspective and look deeper at the meaning of life then what we see from our day to day. Always loved this concept!👏😍

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