SnapDragon Speaks: On Planting Positivity.

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It’s Back-to-School Time, lovelies.

My favorite time of the year.

It’s a time for new sneakers, fresh notebooks, and all of the sharpened pencils a girl can dream of.

I suppose as a teacher, it’s in my blood to feel this way. My internal clock seems to tick according to unit plans, projects, and semesters.

Yet while this euphoric New-School-Year-feel inevitably fades, I remind myself that its positive message should not be forgotten.

As students, as teachers, as parents, neighbors, and friends, we are constantly planting seeds, Dear Reader.

In all that we do.

A new school year brings hope. It oozes possibility from its pores. It tells us that we have another chance to learn.

Another chance for good.

As a teacher, I aim to plant seeds of positivity. I may never directly experience the sweet fragrance of their blossoms, but I choose to believe they will one day thrive beneath a bold and brilliant sun.

 It’s in the little things: listening patiently; celebrating small victories; admitting I was wrong; giving a genuine laugh.

I want others to feel valued, no matter how they make me feel.

Some days this is hard to remember. In an effort to make a difference I give it all I have, and sometimes that leaves me feeling whipped and worthless. Is anyone even listening?

But you’ve gotta keep digging, Snap. Keep planting. Keep believing.

Because otherwise we’ve let the dry and seemingly-barren soil win. We abandon possibility because it seems futile.

It feels meaningless.

But it is not, love.

Everyday, each of us has a choice.

In the classroom, at the workplace, at the dinner table or coffee shop, the only thing we can control is ourselves.

Will we offer a smile, even when we’re feeling beat?

Will we show compassion, even when faced with belligerence?

Will we greet each day as another opportunity for love, forgiveness, and the pursuit of knowledge?

I hope so, Dear Reader.

I hope.

. . .

What are some of your favorite ways to spread positivity, Dear Reader?

How do you stay positive when negativity seems to be around every corner?


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29 thoughts on “SnapDragon Speaks: On Planting Positivity.

  1. I just remember there’s always tomorrow; this is temporary.

    I try to spread positivity by being an open ear; being receptive. It can be draining as an empath, but it’s my nature.

  2. I make the effort to compliment strangers, or ask about how they’re doing. It isn’t a huge thing, but saying to the cashier “I love your smile – you’ve brightened my day” makes their day better. It makes my day better. And that gets added drop by deop, to the cumulative love bucket.

    1. Ya know? I’ve had the best convos with ppl like that after starting this blog. Practice does make damn near perfect. The older women seem to already know this so now I’ma just do it too.

  3. I’m not a posi/nega+tive type of person as I merely go with the flow with its usual benefits and drawbacks, but there’s a Cinderella’s spell to stay positive – “Love” for whoever or whatever positive !

    1. Great point! I do think it’s okay to “feel your feelings” as they say. We’re all going to have rough times. It’s okay to feel angry, sad, or resentful. But I always want it to pass. I want my default setting to be happy and hopeful. 🕊

  4. I’m an educator too, and what I’ve found when someone reacts badly is that, well, they are still learning. Having this mindset helps me feel compassion and empathy rather than frustration and anger

  5. Morning, Snapdragon. I don’t know what happened. I left a comment when this was first published but then didn’t find it when I went back to look again. Anyway, I totally relate to this. I’ve been in education for so long that I feel like my life is made up of a series of semesters. There’s a “fall” part of my life and a “spring” part. This is beautifully written and really inspirational. In the end, we really can only control those things that are within us. We do are best, give as much as we can, and then hope that things work out. Thanks very much for this piece!

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