The Emotional Fingerprint

Movie Thoughts - In Time (2011)
Drawing by Adrian Serghie

Have you ever noticed that when you are “possessed” by a particular emotion, your mind reminds you of past situations when you had that same emotion?

Our emotions rule and rock our world.  They are so powerful that they can control the way we think in those moments. That’s exactly way it is said that we shouldn’t take important decisions when we’re upset or very happy. Not even when we’re hungry. When we’re under the control of an emotion, our amygdala controls our mind, therefore, the emotion controls our mind. It’s like a filter and everything we think is influenced by it.

The thing is that the emotion itself is so powerful that it triggers past memories of that emotion. That’s why when you’re sad you remember all the sad sh*t you’ve encountered in the past and that’s also why it is so hard to act against an emotion. Our mind is bombarded with things that can keep or even intensify the existing emotion. The sh*t gets sh*ttier.

In my experience, the best way to deal with this is to remember yourself it’s just a “phase” and that you’ll find a way to get through it, along with trying to find some solutions to that problem. The alternative is to sink… deep… very deep… This is actually how depression works. It starts with a current state and the mind spirals down the road of sh*ttiness with no apparently way out. In a world full of triggers, you’re your only hope. Grab the control before it grabs you.

How often does this happen to you and how do you get out of it?

10 thoughts on “The Emotional Fingerprint

  1. When I start to feel
    Like I’m trying to swim through mud emotionally I like to listen to Landria Onkka because she is so positive. I like how she snaps her fingers to represent catching a negative thought and switching over to what you really want to manifest. Switch immediately to the picture of what happiness and success looks like for you. To be able to do that you need to know what your perfect picture looks like.

  2. To get through strong emotions, I like to give them the attention they need. Don’t be afraid to FEEL it, and then let it go. 🤗

  3. Emotions are said to have or be energy. Two rules of spiritual energy that your article inadvertently highlighted; like energies attract similar, and energy flows where you put your attention as well,

  4. Mmmmh, I think it is a chicken-egg issue.
    I `ve namely learnt that thoughts or thinking patterns trigger the emotions (not the other way around).
    The more it is a pattern you are acting out, the quicker is the process. Often people are not able to notice or clearly remember the triggering thought / belief.
    By the way, often you cannot trust the emotion you experience because many people (in particular men) use a psychological defense mechanism without intent.
    They skip the authentic 1st emotion like sadness, fear, loneliness etc. and become angry instead of feeling sad etc.
    I do so too. I guess you feel less weak, less out of control, less passive or vulnerable by doing so.
    It is a good advise to think of emotions as temporary issue. Just get some sleep and next day…everything is better. It works!
    But I know situations or levels of emotional turmoil it doesn`t work at all.
    In this event, you might be able to stop yourself but the inner countdown remains at its last (high) level. Actually, the process will continue as soon as there is another minor trigger, …and the fuse will be very short.

  5. That’s a nice drawing by Adrian, is that you? I m just new to your site so just wondering. Emotions can get to you unawares. Intrigued what does Bogdan (DM) stand for?

    1. Thanks! No, it’s not me. It’s one of my friends who’s an illustrator. Bogdan is my first name and DM stands for “Dark Master”, which is a nickname I created when I was a child for an online game. 🙂

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