16 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 483

  1. Hope that someone might offer some financial help – BIG mistake given the person in question. Lesson learned – I’m the only one bailing myself out.

  2. Expecting myself to become a better writer with consistent practice, yet feeling destroyed when I make a mistake. We learn by trying. We will inevitably make mistakes when we try something new. How ridiculous to be mad at myself for being human!

  3. Opening up to someone that is full of bs instead of keeping my mouth shut as I was planning to do. Lesson learned is that when your gut says something listen to it. I’ve also learned that people have such a great desire to be likable that they will pretend and lie and fake, which I do not get. That last part was irrelevant to the question. Anyway

  4. I helped relatives that were dear to me, but they used me to fulfill their agenda. Lesson learned. Always keep a safe distance. Always. I can’t stress the ‘always’ enough

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