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Drawing by Adrian Serghie

We all have thoughts, right? Good thoughts, bad thoughts, crazy thoughts, kinky thoughts, sh*tty thoughts and so on. So as long as we’re all thinking, why wouldn’t we do it thinking about great stuff?

It seems that we’re becoming what we’re thinking about most of the time. That’s why our surroundings are so important… whatever we have around us determine the way we think. There is some science behind this. Our thoughts are based on brain activity, right? So the more we’re thinking in a certain way, the more often that part of the brain gets activated. The more activated it gets, the stronger it gets so it would be easier for that part to be activated again. It’s like walking through grass… the more often you go through the same place, the more obvious and imprinted that path would be. Next time you go in a field and you see a path, what would be easier? To follow that path or to create a new one?

If we’re thinking positively, in time a strong positive path would appear and our mind would rather take that one instead of creating a new one. The same thing applies with the negative thoughts. And because of this, it’s very hard to change our thinking, but practicing daily, a new path would appear and consolidate and the old path would slowly disappear because it won’t be used anymore (the grass will take over).

How’s your path? Positive or negative?

6 thoughts on “As long as we’re thinking… – Reblog

  1. You know, I started doing this thing where I told myself I’m amazing. Then I took it a step further and started telling other people I’m amazing. The change has been significant. Suddenly I’m a role model at work and people look up to me. It really does make a difference what you think of yourself and how you can allow a more positive way to take over.

  2. I used to for some reason neglect my potetial and walk down the dead hill , where nothing grows .. but as i grew .. i understood in order to feel better , i have to turn around and walk some where els , i started by forcing my self to think positively untill it became a habit

  3. Wading through the grass to get on the correct path – the one that tells the world (and the self) that I am a force of nature!

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