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   Through our daily lives we get distracted with different things so much that those things are perceived to be more real that our own thoughts and when some f*cking strong thoughts come, we might not know what to do with them and because of that our feelings are all over the place. If you ever felt like exploding because you couldn’t talk about something, you know what I mean.

   To handle them, some experts recommend to “postpone” them so we can deal them later. Apparently it works, but what if we “forget” to deal with them later? I think that keeping a journal can help with this because we would feel more relieved.

   Here are the benefits I can think of: first of all, we’ll get those thoughts out of our mind and we can view them in a different perspective. Also, writing them down “forces” us to give them a logical form. Secondly, we’ll see them out of our bodies and that thing alone creates a little sensation of freedom. Thirdly, keeping a daily journal fulfills that postponing experts talk about because we know we’ll deal with those thoughts later while writing them into our journal.

   Through writing we’ll be training our mind to give a logical shape to those thoughts which is much easier to deal with compared with some shady thoughts.

Do you keep a journal? Why or why not?

17 thoughts on “Having a personal journal might help us – Reblog

  1. Yes, I keep a very, very personal journal that no one but myself reads. Over time, it has become my best friend and I tell each and every thing to it. My feelings, experiences, random thoughts and whatever strays into my mind. And it helps too. As an introvert, I have trouble explaining myself to others and with a journal, I can tell everything that I want to. It’s an amazing outlet to Pain, worries and sadness. And an amazing way to remember.

  2. I do and if I want it private, I write in code. It helps me write down important events, dreams, thoughts, recipes, drawings, … and it’s fun looking back years later and seeing what I was up to back when.

  3. I have been journaling for years and i find it really helpful not only for present thoughts but also when I go back to read the previous written thoughts, I also realise how far I have come, notice some patterns in behavior and triggers.

  4. I don’t keep a journal myself but it is something that I will often suggest to my clients to try … and some have great results.

    I have started journaling many times but find it difficult to really get into the routine of doing it regularly.

  5. I used to write daily for about 25 years… But then life got a bit boring and I mostly ranted, which just made me angry. I now have a great app (Daylio) that you make buttons corresponding to your thoughts. It’s quick and does have a verbiage space. I track my medical issues here. These are all downloadable.

  6. I do it for a bit, and then forget. It’s a great way to sort things out, I’m just not sure how it will fit in with my schedule. I may have to try that app.

  7. I started keeping a free writing diary, after reading a post on this blog (written by a colleague, or friend, of yours)… Just blew my mind, and I’ve got addicted to it 😀 It’s a kind of D-I-y psychotherapy, on top f that it’s filling me with ideas for my blog… 🙂

  8. I used to write in journal. I still write, but now I type and it’s no longer on paper. And now my writing is all over the place–both in topics and location–so it feels less like a journal. But I like capturing my own thoughts and snippets of other peoples’ lives that cross my path.

  9. Hello. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on journaling. I was thinking of starting an online journal and sharing it. It might help others to know they aren’t alone. Do you think people read journals/diaries?

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