Pee – The way to faster and better decisions

Drawing by Adrian Serghie

Pee and decision: two words that I never thought I’ll put together in the same sentence, but it seems there is some science involved. Who would’ve thought that we can change our life right before we pee.

Let’s hold it in and go through this. In 2011 Mirjam Tuk and her colleagues came up with an experiment to test the question “What happens when people experience higher levels of bladder control?” In one experiment that involved people who drank water, Tuk and co. found that people make better decisions when they have full bladder (source).

The idea behind this is that the strong physical need remove the impulse of making decisions or actions that are not as important as that need itself. The more acute that basic physical need is, the less time and energy we have for bullsh*t. Nothing seems to be as important so we will make other decisions faster in order to be able to satisfy that physical need. The most interesting part is that we make better decisions, because they are based on our prefrontal cortex only, our emotions being busy with the physical need.

So do you feel stuck at a crossroad? Wait until you have to pee and then make your decisions. It will probably be the best for you and for your life. And try to be fast, otherwise your bladder will hate you!

Have you ever experienced something similar? What is your opinion about this?

12 thoughts on “Pee – The way to faster and better decisions

  1. I don’t know about making decisions, but I ran my fastest 10k because the line for the portable toilets was too long and I had to run with a full bladder.

  2. Interesting post. I’ll have to test this. I use a access consciousness technique for questions. Before bed I’ll ask….how can it get any better than this? What will it take to _______?….keeping my question or decision in mind. I wake up with the answer.

    Thanks for following my blog and introducing me to yours!

  3. I can’t recall rushing decisions when I really need to heed the call of nature but I do like the shower or the toilet for good thinking time…it must be the peace and solitude both generally offer…🙂

  4. I’m a shower thinker, things get sorted out when I’m in the routine of cleaning, and kind of staring blankly at tiles.
    I think it depends on how full the bladder is. TBH, there are times the ONLY thing I can think of is how quickly I can get to the toilet, because if I don’t…

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