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  1. Got engaged during an argument. Told him “if you really love me, then you’d ask me to marry you.” He leaves the room, which made me more crabby, comes back with a ring and asks me to marry him. My response, “where’s the paperwork?” He leaves the room, gets the paperwork and shows it to me. My response, “seems legit” and I asked him to ask me again kneeling which he did on BOTH knees. Lol!
    Mind you, we were both baseball game drunk and we had been dating all of two weeks.
    We got married two weeks later, separated seven months after that and divorced eight months after that.
    See why I don’t need to drink?! 🤣🤣🤣

  2. When I was 11, I tried meditating for the first time, and left my body. I remember looking down at myself, and it scared the hell out of me. Just when I wondered how I was going to get back into my body, I was sucked back in. My heart was racing when I opened my eyes. That was so freaky.

      1. Nope. I tried many times to replicate what I had done to no avail. I even bought a book about astral projection but no luck. I guess that was my only ‘E’ ticket for that ride. 😊

    1. I did that once. A teacher told us to relax and let our minds escape. Moments later saw myself falling over. A bright light appeared and it sent me to some random field with yellow flowers and a big tree with it’s leaves all there, bright orange, almost giving it a pumpkin head. I felt the grass under my knees, I smelt flowers, and felt wind in my face. Moments later appeared back in my body in a rusty gymnasium I was in for a college class.

      Not trying to one up you. It’s an incredible experience, which like it seems for you, was not able to do again.

  3. I once announced at the dinner table that ‘I AM GOING TO MARRY’ instead of ‘I’m going to sleep.’ I was just eleven years old. Papa took an hour to get normal.😂

      1. I saw this invisible presence that was following my friends and I in the woods. I mainly noticed it because it was moving through bushes parting them halfway just like a human would. We ran like hell.

  4. There are so many incidents…
    But no long time ago, I experienced an amazing non-placebo or reverse placebo effect.
    I agreed to undergo a small surgery without general anesthesia but with local anesthesia.

    On the day of surgery, I got several injections and was waiting for becoming numb. In the meantime, I had some nice small talk with the surgery team – after some time I got more and more quite painful, burning injections but I didn`t want to complain.

    Then, after some further time, I asked one of doctors when we will start with the surgery? He replied that they are waiting for me…. losing consciousness.
    It was a misunderstanding! I actually got a general anesthesia but I thought I got just painkilling injections. I was so much surprised (and for a second only a bit annoyed because I thought we had a deal). It was really funny. I was completely convinced that I didn´t get a full-blown general anesthesia. Thus, I didn`t become significantly tired and was very much engaged in our conversation…

    We were laughing a lot because I was already almost overdosed with anesthetics and the doctors started to become a bit clueless.
    The team was absolutely fascinated because they never experienced this strange phenomena in real life so clearly before.
    Yes, the mind, soul and body are definitely connected…and the mind seem to be stronger than the body.

    They told me to close my eyes, stop talking and relax. Yes, and a nurse was telling me that my arms become heavy, my legs become heavy, deep breathing….and I was finally gone.

    1. I`ve to add I got the same general anesthesia (propofol) a few weeks ago. And I knew it. Only one injection, 5 min and I was knocked out.
      When I awaked again, I was not sure if the examination was already done or not…a perfect blackout…and I felt extremely fit.

      1. Yes, the technique is called Jacobsen relaxation …I simply had to approve myself or agree on losing consciousness….letting myself go.

  5. My family was mocking the job application sent out by our (now blessedly former) church for a new music director. One of the questions was “what is your favorite position.” I was thinking it, and I could tell my brother was thinking it too, but before either of us could say anything, our extremely conservative, extremely prudish father said, with a totally straight face, “Missionary.”

    My brother and I looked at each other, thinking “there is NO way he just said that!” then we looked at him, and he had an impish grin on his face that told us that he knew EXACTLY what he just said. The three of us then dissolved into hysterical laughter. And Mom just sat there, totally clueless, asking what was so funny. It took me about fifteen minutes to collect myself enough to tell Dad that since he was the one who said it, then he was the one who had to explain it. Then Mom got it, got utterly outraged that Dad had made such a “perverted” joke and demanded to know how the three of us knew what that meant. That got the three of us laughing even harder. Probably took us another half hour to bring ourselves under control. I haven’t laughed that hard in my life before or since.

    If anyone else other than Dad had made the joke, it would not have been nearly as funny. Nor as strange, for that matter.

      1. I can’t imagine life without him, we are getting married in just under 10 weeks 😁

  6. A cop came to our house and shot a rabid fox who was seizing in our driveway. The poor police officer who did it wasn’t even animal control and this definitely wasn’t in her job description. She shot it twice (not killing it the first time) only inches from our back porch while it spasmed uncontrollably. :/

      1. Sometimes when wild animals have diseases like rabies and distemper they start exhibiting abnormal behavior like wandering around residential neighborhoods. I think the fox showed up around our house because it was sick in the brain and confused. 🙁

  7. I once dreamed out my entire day down to my exact thoughts, feelings, and interactions while in high school. I bumped into a girl I didn’t like on the hallway stairs but she was leaving for some reason. An AP Chemistry classmate of mine told a dirty joke that offended my feminist sensibilities and I called him on it with a joke of my own and the dream ended with me realizing that I had told the joke before. When I woke that day I proceeded with my day as usual but had completely forgotten the dream. I bumped into the girl I didn’t like but somehow felt like I knew it was going to happen. It wasn’t until I finished telling the joke in chemistry class that I realized I had dreamed all this the night before and that I had, in fact, told the joke. The strangest part of all of this was that the mate I had been joking with and at least one other person said that they had dreamed their day up until the same exact point and did not realize until the end of the joke too. I chalked it up to my life being so mundane that I dream out my entire day as it would happen.

      1. I just kept wondering how it was possible to dream out a day in my life so vividly and in sync with other people. I even remembered the thoughts I had. I was a little freaked out but I have never had a dream like that again. I have looked it up online and it appears that two different phenomena may have been occurring at the same time: lucid dreaming and deja vu (and or false memories). Have you ever heard of such a thing?

  8. I was standing under a medium sized tree. All the branches and leaves were at least 2 feet above my head. I was facing this intense dilemma of making an important decision in life. I couldn’t share this with anybody. The moment I committed myself to this one decision inside my head, all of a sudden one of the tree branches must have leaned over and I felt its leaves touching my head from above; as if it was blessing me with good luck. I still remember there was not much wind blowing that afternoon and under normal circumstances this branch would never lean that far down coz those days I used to sit under that tree everyday. I looked up, there was no squirrel or anything on the tree. That was strange.

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