29 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 424

      1. Hahaha beast mode is quite dangerous but not me it’s quite like a fearless lionesse in a forest.♥♥♥

      1. Because I had a lot of poor choices as a teen-just cause I hadn’t healed emotionally from things. I found myself going places with people I didn’t know, throwing fear aside. But thankfully, fear of the potential dangers always ended up winning.

  1. Life would probably be quite boring and I wouldn’t feel like I accomplished anything in life. What would be the point if you don’t at least try to conquer what you fear? It’s only when you let fear win that you experience regret, which is painful but that’s life.

  2. How can I experience bravery without the overcoming of fear? How will I know what defines me without my limitations? Life wouldn’t be worth living without my fears 😊

      1. Many fears! I think it would be possible despite my fears. My husband could get a great job as an attorney given his reputation. I could contribute with a job as a DA until I built a client base. I’d have to convince my agoraphobic mother (who lives with us) that she’d live through it. I’d have to get over my fears regarding raising a two year old in NYC. Yes, though, I think it’s predominantly fear that is the obstacle.

      1. There are various kinds of fear. Fear of physical illness/injury, fear of socio-cultural beliefs, fear of authority, fear of God, fear of loosing loved ones, psychological fear, etc. In life, “Intelligence” may save one from the consequences of “No Fear”.

  3. Respondent Behavior such as fear is necessary to our survival
    With a Darwinian background, I find it difficult for us to survive without fear.
    I feel like it would cloud our judgment, judgments that are used for life or death situations
    But I could be wrong.

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