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  1. Quitting college for the first time. Eventually I came right back, but I had life experience that ended up being invaluable when compared to my fellow students.

      1. Thanks! A lot of students don’t really work through college, at least not the way I did. I was on my own since 18, and there’s a certain knowledge that comes with that.

  2. I unexpectedly fell pregnant when I was 19yrs old just a couple of months after I finally managed to break free from an abusive ex. Could easily have been the point where my life painfully unravelled and I became another statistic and typical teenage Mum that ruined her life. As it happened my unexpected daughter was the thing to kick me in the arse and make sure I didn’t become the typically skank, lazy benefit mother that never amounted to anything cos she was too busy being pregnant and taking drugs.
    I failed whilst training my now oldest dog when she was a puppy and we hated each other so much I regretted having ever got the thing and thought several times how easy it would be to drop kick her clean into the river and just go home pretending she had slipped her led and run off. There was no love lost either but I would not lose face and allow this little bastard puppy to get the better of me and prove everyone right that said I’d never manage.
    My stubborn streak, her strong mindedness and a mutual hatred we had started to feel for each other gave us some common ground if nothing else but something had to give. I swallowed some pride, eased off the pressure and stop letting her wind me up something awful.
    She noticed and responded to me then became the best teacher /’ trainer I ever had in 30yrs. An arsehole though – I genuinely could have drowned her once or twice but it was fault, my failure and her teaching me something I could not have learned from any other dog or human being for that matter.
    Sure she and my other dog were put on this Earth specifically to teach or guide me towards something I’ve yet to fully understand.

  3. I failed a test in College Algebra. It made me get tutoring in the Tutoring Center at my college. That was in 2013. The next semester, I became a writing tutor. After graduation and a few years as a freelance writer, I went back as a staff member. As of next week, I will be the manager of the tutoring center. It has come full circle for me. Saundra McGuire, author of “Teach Students How To Learn” and academic success pioneer, once told me that stumbling blocks and stepping stones often look like the same thing. It is up to us as to what they become.

  4. It was 1:45am, I was working at the local wiremill, I had just walked past the 1200 degree furnace, then the caustic acid, then hydrocloric acid. T
    It was then I just kept walking right to my locker, and out the door. That was 8 years ago.

      1. Only one. A doctor that finally told me I have Autism at 36 years old and that I didn’t need to be on all those medications that doctors put me on over the years.

  5. I joined a born-again Christian group 1983 and was kicked out 2 1/2 years later for asking too many pertinent questions. This set me on a quest that I am still persuing. Maybe the biggest mistake of my life joining such a group for those 2 years but maybe the biggest effect on my life that I think was very positive.

  6. I started a company with my brother-in-law. We sank a bunch of money into it and upon its inevitable failure, I learned these lessons.

    1. When starting a business, do your homework! Research the shit out of the market, your product, and have a properly defined business plan to back it up.

    2. Don’t go into business with family. While it may work for others, it certainly did not work for me.

    3. Know your finances inside and out.

    4. Do things the right way. If you rub the right people the wrong way out of the gate, you’re dead already.

    5. Baby steps. If you think you’re moving too quickly, you probably are. So take a step back and re-evaluate.

    6. Love what you do. If you go into it just for money, you probably won’t stick with it.

    1. These are some great lessons! I also had a business which failed and I’ve learned some similar things. I guess it applies regardless the location 🙂

  7. It’s not really a failure but loosing my health has been one of the best experiences of my life. I’ve learnt that I’m happier with less money, enjoy a more simplistic life and get so much more out of nature and my family and friends. It’s also showed me who my friends really were.

    1. I’m very happy you came to this conclusion because it allows you to enjoy your life without being dependent to money or any material things. Congratulations!

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