Do you keep the promises you make to yourself?

Drawing by Adrian Serghie

Have you ever wondered why the f*ck is so hard to keep the promises we make to ourselves, but it’s easier to keep the ones we make to others? Why don’t we treat ourselves with the same respect as we treat other people?

Yes, I think it’s a matter of respect. Think about this for a second: if someone promises you something and then that person fails to provide as promised because he/she didn’t felt like doing it, what would you think about that person? Would you be ok with that?

I think the most important promises we need to keep are the ones we make to ourselves because we’ll develop self-respect and self-esteem. Furthermore, we’ll develop a strong belief that we can rely on ourselves to get sh*t done!

Listen to these people that do it anyway even if they don’t feel like it. This is probably why they developed such strong skills and confidence.

Do you keep all the promises you make to yourself? If not, why?

21 thoughts on “Do you keep the promises you make to yourself?

  1. I’m murder for being lazy and lacking motivation and experiencing full blown Spongebob driving school essay procrastination.

    Think we’re all prone to that now and again but I sometimes tap into that mindset where someone is willing and solidly reliable in doing something for someone else. It helps get the ball rolling, a routine established and keeps their full focus and motivation

    If you want to some motivation, go for something that isn’t on the boring list of “I should really do this” and make it their “MUST DO THIS”

    Dogs are a great way to motivate and get people off their arse and doing more because they rely entirely on us. If you don’t look after them they’ll die. Very simple but strong basis for motivation.

    1. This is great! When something becomes a must, it’s like we have no choice but do it. When it’s a “should”, it looks like we have an alternative. Great comment! Actually, this is Tony Robbins’ philosophy as well 🙂

      1. My husband has a great saying for people like me just being lazy and procrastinating like it’s the law –

        “It’s harder work to keep dodging it than to just do it”

        True. Still a lazy cow but it’s a good saying 😀

  2. I think the only thing that concerns me about not being honest to ourselves is that can overreach into your inner circle of people. And that, is. not. good. Be mindful of yourself!

  3. Amazing post with a great video! Just what I needed. I promised myself now that I will wake up and do my work Cos I don’t feel like doing it now. Two conflicting thoughts at the same time- one is giving up and two is promising myself — Ofcourse this could also be called procrastination! I also promised myself I won’t call someone / I will go workout / list goes on.. sometimes I deal with it one day at a time. But many days are difficult ! Let me try the tips in the video ! Thank you !

    1. Let me know if those tips work for you! I really know the struggle and I’m fighting it every day. Sometimes I lose, but I’m getting stronger when I win.

      1. Well, I do aim for the stars each time. Set back by a few steps from what I planned. Not sure if that’s a smart idea to push myself or a dumb idea that might leave me unsatisfied all the time 🤔

  4. I don’t think it’s necessary to make promises to myself. If I want something I work at obtaining, I don’t think I need to make myself a promise in able to obtain what I want or achieve certain goal.
    I think once the motivation is present then that’s good enough.
    One could argue, a promise to one’s self can be a source of motivation. But then what happened when we don’t/incapable of keeping that promise.
    Maybe I see things differently, but for me “making a promise to myself” is not that important.

    1. That’s quite awesome then. The issue is however when the motivation takes a beating. Then, you need to reignite it and then, promise to oneself begins because one is desperate to get back on the horse. Hence, I guess promise to oneself.

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