Fear and Bravery

fear and bravery
Drawing by Adrian Serghie

These two aspects are often seen as opposite, but is that really the case? YouTube is my main source of inspiration and I listen to important people in this world talking about these two aspects because they are often asked to. What I’ve noticed is that most people tend to see fear and bravery as two separate things when actually the latter involves the first. There is no bravery without fear just as there is satisfaction without challenge.

Most of the time people tend to see fear as a blocker (which it actually is) and bravery or courage as something completely different. Actually, bravery or courage is the quality that helps someone behave in spite of fear. Think about this for a second. When you do random sh*t like eating or taking a piss you probably feel no emotion, but when you feel fear, you feel a strong emotion. A brave person is someone that overcomes the fear he/she has. That’s it. It doesn’t involve the lack of fear, just the will and ability to overcome it.

The thing is that we all have the ability to overcome our fears, but only a few of us have the will to overcome it and that’s because we lack proper motivation. Our reason is not strong enough; therefore fear can do whatever it wants with us. We become the b*tch of our own fear. Brave people have a proper motivation that helps them overcome their fears. It’s a simple as that.

Whenever you are afraid of something and you’re not willing to act in spite of fear, think about your motivation. If there is none, that’s probably the problem. Maybe the thing that causes your fear is not important enough (it’s just a way to get you out of your comfort zone) and that’s why you lack motivation to overcome it. Or maybe deep down you have a self-esteem issue and you don’t thin you deserve whatever causes your fear and that stops you from becoming brave. Maybe it is important enough, but you don’t believe in you. Whatever the reason is, some introspection and self-knowledge are required.

My conclusion is this: whenever you feel fear crawling up your butt, try to understand why it is there and how important it is for you the reason behind that fear. Sometimes it’s not that important and it’s all just a sign that you’re out of your comfort zone. Sometimes anxiety is interpreted as fear. Only you can answer that question, but to answer it, you need to ask it first, so:

The last time you were afraid of something, how important was that reason for you?

31 thoughts on “Fear and Bravery

  1. Very inspiring! I hadn’t looked at bravery and fear as so closely related though. It was interesting to see it like that. I felt like fear seemed simpler then.

    I do wonder though: do you see anxiety as much the same? Anxiety can be a type of fear, but it also can be seen as more of a disorder. Just curious on your thinking there.

    1. Thank you very much for reading! Anxiety is a sub-type of fear which I believe it can be diminished with the same brave behaviour. the thing with anxiety is that the more time we invest into it until we actually take some action, the stronger it becomes. I think anxiety is pretty much related to the fear of the unknown. Not knowing how to behave in a certain situation is what triggers that anxiety and the more we think we don’t know, the tougher it gets to behave. So the bigger the anxiety, the bigger the courage has to be.

      1. I can agree with that. Anxiety is more of a fear of an unknown future. I also think it’s more of something that could happen, but probably won’t. It does seem to require more courage though.

  2. Yes both are related. We know that there is a hormone in our body called Adrenaline. It is also called FIGHT FLIGHT OR FRIGHT hormone. It makes us feel and choose among the three.

  3. Hi I shared/reblogged your post because I thought it was so good. I enjoy your no nonsense approach to living life and standing convention on its head. I hope I did the reblogging correctly, I’m new to all this, but kudos-your blog is really really great.

  4. Oh, right now I’m afraid of going back to school, because I really have a difficult time coping with people in large groups, and loud noise – to say nothing of transportation and such. But I’m also afraid that if I don’t, and something happens to my husband, I will have no resources. So, it’s either suck it up, and make the attempt, or pray for all I’m worth that he gets his self together. It’s not bravery to return to school – it’s common sense. Not throwing up in the hall? That’s bravery.

    1. I think the feeling now is more intense than it will be when you’ll actually be there. The fear is before you act and the acting will make it better. I’m sure of it! 🙂

  5. Great post. “There is no bravery without fear just as there is satisfaction without challenge.” I tell my students something similar: We rarely learn if there isn’t a struggle. Fear for some can be debilitating, but for others it’s sign of future learning. I embrace my fear and uncertainty because it’s a chance for me to grow.

      1. I remember not being afraid of strangers when I was a kid. I talked to most anyone. As an adult, I have never let fear stop me from trying something. Interestingly, after reading your post, a friend asked me about fear and martial arts. I sent him your post and wrote one of my own about how I deal with it. It’s a timely subject evidently.

  6. I love this post! It’s something I try to teach my daughter as she is afraid of doctors and dentists. She thinks she is not brave because she is scared of things that others don’t fear and I tell her what makes her brave is that she still goes.
    I read an interesting take on fear in “Playing Big” by Tara Mohr. She talked about two different kinds of fear (from Hebrew bible). ‘Pachad’ being the fear of projected or imagined things while ‘Yirah’ is said to be the fear of inhabiting a larger space than we’re used to inhabiting (which arguably has pagad built in). I found this distinction helpful when it came to taking leaps and making progress.
    Thanks for another great, thought provoking post!

    1. Thank you for reading and for sharing your insights! It’s awesome the way you teach your daughter because she’ll develop a habit of going past her fear and still do the things that she needs to do instead of backing down because of that fear.

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