57 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 365

  1. People wouldn’t be pissed off with me when I say ‘no’ because I need to take a break for my own well being and stop with the pressure. I could be able to tell them I was only meant to climb the mountains, not carry them and be able to talk when I need to, instead of being the one that everybody comes to all the time.

  2. TBH – most days I don’t feel it’s my communication skills that are off. I feel like the other party isn’t listening. Maybe I’m not being clear, but for the love of peace, let me finish a thought or a sentence before jumping in. I might now be headed where it’s assumed I’m going.

    1. I know exactly what you say! And you know what’s the saddest part for me? When people go ahead and interpret whatever I said just as they please ignoring big chunks of what I said…

  3. As wonderful as this may sound, life would be better if we all had better communication skills. As communication itself, improves based on reciprocity.
    Otherwise, you’ll probably feel more frustrated then before.

    1. Ooooh, that’s a great answer! Wicked hard to do with so many things. You don’t want to lie or be harsh, but sometimes you absolutely have to hear honesty.

  4. As I’ve aged and matured my communication skills have grown and my life has improved. Communication is a lot of things combined. Inflection, knowing who your speaking to, volume, content of what your saying, choosing the right words so the message gets through and many more. Right now I’m working on how to say things without being so aggressive or excited knowing the intent will get there more effectively. I think my life will be better because the relationship will be clearer, stronger and even more rewarding. And of course the important part of communication is listening and the more I do that the more I benefit in terms of knowledge and understanding.

      1. I had trouble thinking of communication I have without emotion. Maybe sharing technical items with co-workers. Logistical things maybe. But I’m pretty passionate about whatever I’m talking about.

  5. Maybe I would feel slightly more comportable when approached by someone. I would feel more confident and less stressed. Talking in public is definitely a challenge!

      1. Self talk and first being clear about our ownself. When we know what and who we are, what we want , we are able to express ourselves better.
        This is what I think

  6. For me it wouldn’t be any different, I’m very articulate, I have no problems in being able to talk with intelligent people or talk to people on a lower level to get people to understand. I’ve always been told how articulate I am and good at explaining thing either in a technical way or a simple way.

      1. When I was at school I was very shy with people I didn’t know. So once I left high school at 16 my mum made me go demonstrating with her during the summer holiday. She was a demonstrator at a cash and carry she’d go for a long break and leave me on my own and she set me goals on how many boxes of crisps she want me to have sold and how many free samples I could give out. So I have to thank my mum for doing that as it was one of the best things she ever made me do that I really didn’t want to do and I’ve never shut up since. Lol.

      1. I think both, knowing my limits would allow me to stop saying yes to so many things which drive me to run low. Being able to tell others how I really feel instead of keeping it all bottle up because I don’t want to hurt their feelings is draining.

      1. Yes, it’s called active listening it is a skill to learn at least for me, listen to the other person not just wait for scene breaks where you can turn the action back to yourself

  7. I actually think I do fairly well communicating. My problem is others in my life don’t value it as much as I do.

    1. That’s interesting! Would you say that your communication skills are helping you or they’re bringing you more frustration than benefits?

      1. At the moment, frustration. My family makes communicating difficult at the best of times. This time of year is especially rough with lots of birthdays and Easter.

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