67 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 354

    1. Awesome list! I’m glad you love waking early. I don’t love the process of waking up early, but I do love the fact that it allows me to be more productive.

  1. 1. First coffee
    2. Silence first thing in the morning when no one is up and I’m having my first coffee
    3. Blogging and writing
    4. My dogs that I walk (part-time job)
    5. My bed at night, with all 3 pillows

  2. Just waking up, interacting with family and friends, appreciating the days I’m feeling good, enjoying the arts (reading, music, photography) and finding some humor in each day.

      1. Becoming by Michelle Obama, Born a Crime by Trevor Noah, listening to On the Come Up by Angie Thomas listening to now All the Harry Potters is you are into HP Jim Dale the narrator is brilliant does dozens of voices

      1. Well the cake’s not quite daily, we make one a week and have a bit each day til it runs out. Aside from cake being awesome (you can’t deny it surely) I’m on a mission to find the perfect recipes for each of my favourite cakes so it’s not just cake it’s a whole cake adventure. And yes, I love it 😍

  3. 1) Waking up early and feeling morning frehness.
    2) Reading wonderful writings from awesome blogs.
    3) Dancing freely
    4) Evening walk for an hour relaxes me
    5) When I learn something new or solve a problem, there is a satisfaction

      1. 1. Early morning peace time
        2. Helping mum in kitchen.. idk why but feels connected.
        3. When my bro teases me
        4. My afternoons.. i Ãlwáyß keep something relaxing every afternoon like a sketch or movie
        5. Checking a website forums, people are amazing and loving there… I like the early evening time that i spend there
        6. The sunset . Its beauty just kills me right away
        7. Evening walk with thoughtful podcast
        8. Dinner time when entire family sits together with some jokes
        9. Talking to my pet 🐢 turtle. Though i know it doesn’t understands me 😆
        10. Strictly switching off phones @9 pm and reading novel until i am sleepy 😊

  4. Organising my kids in the morning, the quiet walk back home after school drop off, the moment I walk inside & have a cup of tea before starting on the chores, when the school bell rings & my youngest waddles out of class with her backpack sliding off her shoulders, and helping with homework 🙂

      1. Our sleep patterns, what we dreamt of, what we watched or where we went the previous night, sports, all sorts of things

  5. That first cup of coffee (it always tastes the best)
    Cuddles with the cats
    Reading in bed every night
    And speaking with my mum.

      1. About 2 hours, but the odd time it’s been a lot longer if the book has me hooked.

  6. Being alive & well.
    That feeling of being blessed.
    Freedom & choices
    Friends around me / online
    Being surrounded by things that make me smile

  7. The smell of my coffee brewing and the first wonderful zip of warm deliciousness, waking to find my cat still curled closely to my side, going outside early in the morning when the sun is rising, walking with that same cat and her friend the dog, and listening to music.

  8. Having my cup of English breakfast tea in the morning, watching motivational YouTube videos, writing, wine and Netflix after work, and cuddling with my crazy cat.

      1. I follow Leeor Alexandra (law of attraction videos), Ted Talks, Sam Ozkural, and so many more. Most of them focus on law of attraction and well being. I usually watch one sometimes ten every morning haha. Depending on my mood

  9. Coffee, my job, sweet text messages/phone calls, good food and the silence while I contemplate about my day and my plans before I go to sleep. 🙂

  10. Late but here!
    1.my coffee&almond milk cup
    2.update messages with my friends
    3.coming back home when there’s still light and sitting on the balcony if it’s warm
    4.our night talks, routines, series episodes
    5.the bed! 🙂

      1. A bit of everything, funny things that happened to us, projects, duties for the next days, memories… a big mix 🙂

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