What is your reason for… everything?

Drawing by Adrian Serghie

Life is like a trip. You either choose where you want to go or you’ll be carried away by whatever’s around you. But time doesn’t wait for anybody so if in a trip you’re carried away, you might lose it.

This is related to what you want to do in life. For some it’s easy to find out whatever they want in life and honestly, I’m a little envious. It took me a while to realize it and it took me a little more to do something about it.

You see, it’s not easy to wake up in the morning at 4 AM just to work on your dreams. At 4 AM dreams are asleep so you need a strong reason to wake up. You need a reason not to push that snooze button a sleep in. My two reasons to wake up are my wife and this blog. The clearer my head is, the better I can behave with hear. And writing about different things brings clarity in my head. Moreover, I really hope some of my insights can help you guys. Each piece of information might be helpful so the more we know, the more we can choose what to apply in our life or not. Isn’t this a win-win situation?

“Is this really important? I struggle to survive from one day to another. I don’t really think I’ll ever do anything important for the world. I’ll just live my life as everybody else…” Well, is that your purpose? If so, good luck! But if you think you have potential for being much more than a random face in a random crowd, then it’s time to find a strong reason to wake up whenever it takes and stay up as long as it takes so you can pursue your purpose.

I know, I know. I need to cut the bullsh*t and come up with some real advice on how to get there and I will try to, but I know that whatever I say will not be the same for all of you, so please please please try to find it out by your own. It’s one of the biggest satisfactions out there. After that, hard work awaits.

   Are you ready to start living your life? If not, when would be the right time to get ready?

22 thoughts on “What is your reason for… everything?

      1. I say maybe, because I can try. Maybe things will work out for me, maybe they won’t. Of course I’m hoping they will. But… all I can do is try.

  1. The right time happened for me last November when I decided to start writing again. What gets me up in the middle of the night is the hard work that entails pursuing my dream. It keeps me motivated to know I’m working toward a neverending goal. Great post, it really got me thinking.

  2. I don’t need to ‘get ready’ to start living my life – I’m doing that now. Most of my adult life was spent living in the pits dealing with serious mental health issues until I decided to take that life back and do everything possible to become happy and healthy. Nowadays, I am living life to the fullest and I am grateful for every day that I am given and wake up each morning excited and happy. Great article, and great question! 🙂

  3. This is exactly what I’m doing right now. Except of waking up 4am I’m doing after everyone went to sleep (11pm-12am)…

    Writing down every day my main area of conversation or topic of thinking the most about, with all lessons identified… This is How I intend to keep life lessons and also makes my life feel more organized.
    At least I have control: I decided and I deliver, no matter what.

    It always feel good to be productive and creative

      1. I have a mission to create an incubator space for social entrepreneurs in west Africa (Cotonou Benin Republic for starter)

        But I do have loads of goals, to keep it simple I wanna be a social entrepreneur fighting social injustice and support those in need.

  4. My reason is definitely the people I love. My partner and the dream of our life and family together, which we are working to build, my mother and sister. Without them, I would not have the strength to push all ahead every single day.

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