60 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 352

      1. I’d say that I don’t get stressed that often, so it’s hard for me to say. Or maybe I don’t know what stress is, which could be another possiblity; a conclusion I’ve come to before.

  1. Constantly overthinking about the “what if”. Focusing more on what could go wrong and how to prevent that, which usually results in an overwhelming feeling.

  2. Migraines … I find it hard to tell if I’m stressed out, except my chronic migraine becomes worse depending on the level of stress 😭🤗

      1. I don’t write my feelings in the blank that is in my mind that’s why I am not stressful at all. 😉 I know sounds weird but if you think about this all negative stuff is in your mind and only your responsibility how to feel it and with what

  3. Something everyone experiences; just in different ways and at different levels of intensity. Some healthy stress is good because without that little bit of stress, we wouldn’t have the motivation to accomplish anything in life:)

    1. I’m not sure if motivation comes from stress, but I totally agree with you that there is constructive stress and that is helpful and healthy for our evolution 🙂

  4. There are different types of stress..the positive one makes you work hard and sometimes is good. It ends after work ends and leaves a satisfied feeling. Negetive should always be dealt with and avoided

  5. No air. Bad sleep. Overthinking and feeling overwhelmed. I managed to sleep only four hours tonight and at 3 I was totally awake for the level of stress I have. I haaaaate stress. I wish there was a cure!

      1. No not for me. I’m a very positive person but I am a worrier. I’m also a Virgo and always expect perfection in everything I do so I guess some of the stress is my own doing as I’ve always felt that if your going to do something no matter what it is you do it to perfection or don’t bother doing it at all.

      2. I’m also a Virgo and yes, I also expect perfection, but I also try to remember I’m only a human so I might fail at this perfection thing 🙂

  6. Stress is the result of anxiety. One can learn to overcome stress by being aware of situations in his life that makes him become anxious. I learned to stop.. take a deep breath.. and tell myself to deal with the situation calmly. Then I move forward mentally and emotionally prepared. It took me One full year to succeed. It was a daily struggle but I refused Valium which my doctor prescribed. Prayer and trust in God was my armor.

      1. So breathing, helpful self talk and God helped you go through the difficult time (I’m sorry I missed the physical steps). This is actually very similar with what Jay Shetty said about what he learned when he was a monk. 🙂

      1. More a time issue, too many think setup, design, configuration is a snap of the fingers, perhaps is more of ” I need this now” forgetting there are 12 others saying the same thing. Or the dread words ” I know I should have contacted you earlier, but………”

  7. Not being able to express an idea or not being given the can d to be heard…
    Also anytime, anything about an unjust situation towards anybody. See, hear, experience it… doesn’t matter it will make me stress!!!

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