35 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 348

  1. I left an apartment I loved so that my partner and I could live in a bigger space. The only plus was that it appreciated in value. The partner is now an ex.

  2. My career. Autism made me a carer and it’s only now 15 years later after training and support can I attempt to build a new career and gain something for me.

      1. Successful, flexible to suit for my family needs and fun. I love photography, I love the people it puts in my path, I want people to love themselves, quirks and all and I want my camera to capture their moments for them to look back on with great fondness. I just gotta jump and take the plunge to turn my passion into a career, slowly getting there tho.

  3. If we define the sacrifice as a selfless act, then it would be when I answered a call for help. I had no idea of the risk I was taking, and at that moment I didn’t expect anything in return. Today I wish we’d had the chance to meet before we had to walk away.

      1. If I place myself at that moment, I don’t know why I did it. I felt compelled. In hindsight, I perceived the person to be helpless. A head bobbing between swells.

  4. I was going to say being a caregiver for my Mother. And while it was stressful and hard work, I wouldn’t want it to be viewed as a sacrifice. Its just the right thing. But if you have ever been a caregiver for many years, you know the sacrifices many make and have respect for it.

  5. I waited. And waited, and waited, and waited… and I should have not. I sacrificed my time, which is one of the biggest sacrifice one can make, I think… and I am everyday scared of repeating my mistake because you never fully know when it’s worth waiting and when it’s not!

      1. Well, I am going to reply because it’s better, but also the reply is very obvious 🙂 I waited for the one person I had put my trust into to accomplish his promises. Of course this was never done and, daily, I was given excuses and reasons and delays and blablas… There is when I should have left and, instead, decided to wait. Definitely for too long. Ending up loosing many years (ok, I learnt a lesson, I hope, but still it’s time that won’t come back!). 🙂

  6. I’ve made quite a number of sacrifices.

    But, as with a lot of other things about me, I always have trouble picking a ‘best’.

    So, I’d say each sacrifice is a good one on its own.

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