I’ve Found The Life Changing Idea You’ve Been Looking For

Brace Yourself

Know what?

I’ve found it. I REALLY HAVE! I mean I’m serious about this.

People know how to decrease your problems or get rid of them. Even Google knows that. Go ask it!

You’ll find tons and tons of articles about freeing yourself from problems. There are even books about that.

But I’m here with this article with something else. Something revolutionary. Revolutionary! I’m serious! You get it?

That’s what this post is going to be all about! About one revolutionary idea that can change our lives forever.

It’s so good that I can’t still tell you. That’s why all the hype, you know. Don’t plainly scroll down to see any meaningful subtitles to know the secret.

There aren’t any of them. That’s the twist. (Well, not really)

So DON’T scroll. Bare with me. I’m GOING to change your life.

It’s so good that I can’t still tell you. That’s why all the hype, you know. Don’t plainly scroll down to see any meaningful subtitles to know the secret.

There aren’t any of them. That’s the twist. (Well, not really)

The secret. It’s here.



going to


You (this one word per line seems pretty awesome!)




Your Problems.


You got that right. (One word per line isn’t so awesome after all. I’m tired of pressing the Return Key)

I’m going to tell you how you can 10X your problems!

You’re going to love me by the end of this story. ‘Cause it is that awesome!

You can increase all your problems if you follow my advice.

Think. Think your brain out. Or mind out. Whatever you want.

Think so much about one tiny problem, that it’ll magnify itself 10X.

If I’ve been hurt by my friend while playing football. I’m going to think about it.

“He’s hurt me. Why did he? He had a devilish smirk on his face. He’s probably trying to annoy or humiliate me in front of others. He’s making me look weak! I’m NOT weak!”

“I need to go to the gym. I’ll then push him with my elbow next time. I suppose it’s the girls who’re making him do this. The world is severely a bad place to live in. I hate these people around!”

There’s no end to this.

This is the most foolproof way to increase all your problems. And this is the best way to do it. Think. OVERTHINK!


I know it!

Here’s A Subtitle (I Lied)

I can hear you say, “This guy’s crazy!”

No. I’m not.

I’m just doing my job.

I see that all of us, even me, are so fond of amplifying our problems!

From a hair found in the curry to the car accident, all of them are of the same frequency for our minds. Or at least the hype created by it.

All of us are increasing our problems. Day in, day out! So that’s what I’m going to share!

I want to discover ideas that accelerate whichever growth I want. And I have.

The more the thoughts, the more the problem.

Here’s a great story to demonstrate “magnifying our problems through overthinking.”

A guest gifts a box of sweets to the host. The host bids farewell to the guest and a thought makes him peek into the box dubiously. “I hope there’s no bomb inside!”

There was no explosive device to be found.


The man picked one piece to put it in his mouth as another thought struck him.

“I hope he hasn’t adulterated this food item with poison! Maybe he has! He’s a threat to my life then! I have to do something. I need to call the police. Wait, what if he’s innocent? I need to do something myself!”

It is embarrassing, but it is the truth.

That we all are thinking way too much than we should be.

These days, I’m trying to practice the use of my mind. When I want to.

Because it has been using me all this time! And that too without my notice or consent! (That’s not fair Mr. Mind!)

And as I practice more and more, I get to know how much the mind has been fooling me!

Every thought seems so important!

If my Mom is out for some work, what if she doesn’t come back?

😆 😆 😆 😆

When I think about it now, it seems so stupid. And at that point in time, it seemed to be the reality of that moment!

I was restless. I tried to tell myself that these were just thoughts. But those “thoughts” seemed to be everything!

And the folly that I recognize in such events is that we just think.

We do nothing else. If I was so worried about my Mother, why didn’t I go to someone and ask them for their phone?

But no. I was sitting in front of my book, and thinking non-stop. Like a Porsche without brakes.

“I won’t be able to live without my Mom! She’s everything to me…” and blah blah!

I know, it might seem insensitive on my part. But what can I do? It seems very stupid! That I wasn’t taking action, but all the time thinking useless stuff!

I don’t get it! Why do I even think all this stuff?

At that very moment, it seems so important! But then, when you think about it later, it seems so pointless!

“Why was I even doing that?”

It feels…embarrassing!

We ourselves are creating so many problems. That too by ruminating over those problems which is so futile!

I mean, I don’t need other people to poke me with sticks. I’m already standing on my own door with knives and swords! How about that?

In Ryan Holiday’s book, The Obstacle Is The Way, he explains how we are blocking the way which comes from the obstacle.

By attaching the “poor me”, we interpret every situation and turn it into a havoc. Creating stories around the “poor me” is nothing but pointless overthinking.

When my parents used to ban my gadgets, I used to start whining about it.

“Why does this happen to me? All the kids out there are playing games and enjoying their life.”

I had connected all the enjoyment of life to a tablet. The biggest blunder which I never paid attention at.

All because of overthinking about the same problem over and over.

The moment I stop thinking, things come to a stop. The problem doesn’t seem so horrible after all!

I take it as facts. Not as a story.

If my mom is giving me some feedback, instead of thinking of it as stripping me naked, I take it as normal statements. Statements that a Mother is making.

I don’t call it “negative feedback about the negative ME”. I just listen to them.

There’s a load of resistance that my mind offers. You won’t believe it, but my whole body reacts and starts emitting heat. My ears turn red hot!

Mostly, I get freaked out and start reacting inside my head. But the last time, I somehow managed to stick to the idea.

Taking things as they simply are makes life easy. Weaving stories around it makes life hell. Or at least it looks like!



(No conclusions this time. 😎)



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