What happens when you’re too tired?

Drawing by Adrian Serghie

   Frustrations. That’s what happens. The self control gets so challenged that it might not be useful anymore. And everything comes out. Everything. Even things that are not there. And you know what? When we get overwhelmed by frustrations, solutions don’t even matter anymore. It’s all a cocktail of anger, sadness and frustrations, each of them trying to express as much as possible. But we only have one mouth so it’s pretty hard for all of these to get out in the same time.

   A while back I wrote about the importance of getting over frustrations. The thing is that it’s very hard to get over something you don’t know it’s there. You realize that only when the self control is dead in the bushes. That’s when the mind is set to bring to life sh*t, that’s what we’re going to think about. When we enter a certain mindset, those types of thoughts have priority. And when that happens, we become as sweet as the devil.

   When we’re tired, we cannot even think straight and because of that, our reactions are not the most appropriate ones. We spit and sh*t on everything and everybody comes in our way. And they don’t even have to be in our way. They just need to be around us.

   Bottom line, when we’re tired, we need to sleep. Period. Otherwise, we might regret our behavior later on.

   How do you react when you’re tired?

28 thoughts on “What happens when you’re too tired?

  1. I cry. I cry like a child when I experience clinical fatigue and have a full plate of obligations. Try carving out some time for self care. I take bubble baths almost every night just to decompress and manage my pain. Hang in there.

    1. Thank you very much for your reblog!
      I thing that’s the reason we need to keep an eye on our energy level… we might end up lashing out and we might even screw up the things we worked on.

    1. That’s great! I think that some isolation is necessary when such emotions come so we can allow us to get back on track without doing any harm during the transition.

  2. I’m a monster when I’m tired. Like a true monster. It’s shocking how I can become like a possessed pure evil person. Even as I write this, all I want to do is sleep. It’s a never-ending cycle

  3. I usually cry 😀 There are different kinds of tiredness, I can manage the “end-of-the-day” one, I just eat, sleep, relax… The one that cracks me down is the overwhelming feeling, the sensation that everything is slipping out of my control. So, I cry, quite desperately I would say. Then I calm down and try to put myself together, again…

  4. i’m currently tired. insomnia going on two months. when i’m tired, i start to sink. my mood starts to crash, the anxiety and depression amp up; i need energy to fight and a lack of sleep leaves my arsenal depleted.

      1. Yes, unfortunately my depression is acting up and the two mostly work in lock step. I know it will pass, or assume it will once again, but in it is tough.

      2. partly it’s endogenous – i cycle. partly it’s environmental – a lot of domestic changes i’m struggling to adapt to and deal with. but i’ve decided to go away for a week. i’m hoping that will help. it’s been 4 years since i took any kind of vacation, so maybe a rest will help.

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