Where do frustrations come from?

Our inner universe is so complex that we end up having different thoughts and emotions without knowing where the hell they come from. Obviously, that’s where frustrations come from, but what actually triggers them? What creates them? Is there anything we can do about them? Should we do something about them? I believe we need to take into considerations where frustrations come from because they … Continue reading Where do frustrations come from?

What happens when you’re too tired?

   Frustrations. That’s what happens. The self control gets so challenged that it might not be useful anymore. And everything comes out. Everything. Even things that are not there. And you know what? When we get overwhelmed by frustrations, solutions don’t even matter anymore. It’s all a cocktail of anger, sadness and frustrations, each of them trying to express as much as possible. But we … Continue reading What happens when you’re too tired?

The Frustrations Bubble – Reblog

   Oh, frustrations. Sweet f*cked up frustrations. This stupid entity that stands between a happier life and us. Of course, it’s not the only one, but it’s an important one. I want to reblog a post I wrote a while back about frustrations because we cannot get rid of it. Living life would be easier without it (the original post can be found here). “Dealing … Continue reading The Frustrations Bubble – Reblog

The importance of getting over frustrations

   Let me tell you a little story about how I got the conclusion that perspective is everything and it can be achieved by asking yourself questions when you see you have “wild” thoughts. As many people, I have frustrations and as many people I was not paying attention to them, that sh*t can’t harm us too much, right?    No, it’s wrong. While some … Continue reading The importance of getting over frustrations

The Frustrations Bubble

  Dealing with automatic thoughts is not easy, but ignoring them can create the frustrations bubble. Basically, those automatic thoughts we ignore create feelings that we ignore. Ignoring them won’t make them disappear, instead they will pile up into a bubble until it’s too big to handle and then it explodes.    When a bubble like this explodes, it creates a big mess behind. Not … Continue reading The Frustrations Bubble