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  1. My life is so different now than it was 5 years ago it is hard to even articulate. I am so much stronger now and more myself. I have to say as a physical comfort spot it still is my bed. It is the place that I go to for a whole range of emotions. I think that I am more confident now. I tend to reframe pretty negative things into a more positive realm now. Thanks for getting me to think about this. It will stay with me throughout the day I think.

      1. There has been so much that happened at once to keep my sanity I had to honestly. I try to look at situations as an opportunity to learn something. Often that means about myself. Otherwise, I look at less than favorable things happening as ideas for writing short stories! I had to reframe or I would have spiraled into a depression I think.

  2. Five years ago I was running my own business and I had to give clients the benefit of the doubt. Today, I only answer to myself and therefore, my comfort zone has no boundaries.

  3. I think I’ve expanded my comfort zone in personal relationships and in promoting my writing career. As Tammy said, I also feel more myself. Thanks, Bodgan! -Rebecca

  4. I’m so much stronger than I was five years ago. I’ve been on my own now a little over 2 years. To leave a marriage of almost 18 years was one of the hardest decisions I ever made. We were together almost 20 years. No matter how bad things were at the end, leaving was a decision I agonized over. You get used to being a team in every way. When you go out on your own, you’re on your own. Everything falls solely on you. So I’m not who I was five years ago. I was so busy fighting for him that I lost me. I fight for me now. I left my house, my husband and left with next to nothing. My choice. I just needed to go. Things were once very important to me. Not anymore. Here I am now blogging and sometimes opening my soul up for everyone to see. It’s therapeutic. But it goes against my nature. So that is way outside of what was once my comfort zone. To keep it all to myself. Way outside my comfort zone. I’ve never been happier.

      1. I’ve been told by several people I needed my own blog. I’ve always enjoyed writing and thought what the heck?! I think I am finally comfortable enough with myself and who I am and my truth. Though I still keep some things to myself, I realized that there are others out there sharing their stories. Sometimes it helps others to hear how you got through some bad things. Plus it helps me to open up and let it out. If I can help anyone having a hard time by inspiring or even making them temporarily forget their pain, then that is a gift not just to others but to me.

  5. My comfort zone is much improved from 5 years ago in just about all areas of my life. Family, professionally and even at a personal level mentally, its very good. The only thing holding back perfection is my own health. In a lot of ways I’ve never been more comfortable in my life.

      1. Finally adapted to a position change at work 5 years ago. Made a better effort in my relationship with my better half. My children found happiness and got married. And being sick for a bit got me to utilized and enjoy life like I always should have.

  6. Well, five years ago I was grappling with early retirement, which I thought would be a breeze. I have had to restructure my whole life, I have moved, my only grandchild is graduating this Summer, my daughter has gotten remarried and also moved, and, most significantly, I lost my mother. My husband and I just had our first new home built, and I’m amazed that my father has made it nearly five years without my mom. I have picked up several side gigs, currently not doing much in the way of paid work. I’m too busy reading, writing, enjoying life, and continuing to grow and change within my marriage. It’s been a very long five years!

  7. My comfort zone is being around people i trust and after 5 years, i and my friends would be super different than before, but its good to metamorphosize to a diverse and unique human being with emotions, right?? Nice question!!!!!! <3

  8. I think my comfort zone has become smaller because I’m more attuned to what I need and how things affect me mentally, and I’ve grown more comfortable in saying no to things where as before I would just go along with what everyone else wanted. Xx

      1. Thanks! I just noticed that I was doing things that others wanted to do all the time that we’re not in my comfort zone and nothing that I wanted to do. I thought it was time to look after me for a change! Xxx

  9. Five years ago and now are night and day! 2014 I was married to someone else and lived in a different state and had two cats and a great job. Now…I am married to a different person, in a different state, have one cat, and no job. I gave up my comfort zone to find a new normal life. I’m still adjusting it.

      1. I had a family tragedy that requires me to be selfish with time to take care of a sick child. Afterwards, I just never reverted back to expectations. I no longer give people powers over my time.

  10. 5 years ago my thoughts used to be simple. The thing that made me feel comfortable was one thing:
    Nowadays things like neighborhood bike rides and watching car videos, those are things that make me feel comfortable​ and happy. It changes by the day.

  11. Has changed quite a lot actually. Five years ago I probably never would have considered such a long commute to uni (an hour by train), and especially not by myself. Not at 7am anyway. These days I think, fuck it, just do it. I’m a lot less self conscious and anxious than I was back then.

      1. I don’t know, probably getting older and not giving a crap about people’s opinions anymore. Also, my son and I had to travel to Melbourne and back several times over the past five years while he was transitioning so I got used to the rail system.

  12. My comfort zone was just working hard as an entry level employee in this company because I believed I would also just go and leave it someday. But now, I’m trying to get promoted and getting myself thrown there in the competition, because I know I won’t be leaving this company anytime soon.

  13. It’s a great thing! I believe that a comfort zone does not increase in size or change. We have our zone or zones in which, or where, we have what makes us comfortable, or rather the heights, or lows, of personal potential we have reached.
    What I’m saying is that we have the ability to place whatever we want/choose to interact with/conquer into our comfort zone.
    Basically, we have unlimited potential to achieve dreams and conquer fears;
    to become comfortable with better versions of ourselves.

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