24 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 306

      1. it should like ‘effort’, it should look like a want not a need, it should look like understanding, it should like “I am listening”, it should look like “your secret is safe with me”, it should look like “I love you.” – “and I love you”. Love is intangible for a reason. Love is not looks, love is supposed to be long lasting effort and commitment, the rest I guess by default falls into place. Well I wouldn’t know… I wouldn’t know

      1. Well, we travel to the moon and back, surely someone out there can do it. I gave the idea, that’s half the work 🙂 Plus I don’t have the resources……….

  1. We don’t currently have a way to determine what medications are best for treating different mental illnesses. There’s no measuring of dopamine, or serotonin, or how the neurons fire. That needs to change – along with accepting that mental illness is that. An ILLNESS. Not a choice. Not being childish or a drama queen, but a serious medical condition.

    1. I think that medical evolution will bring new ways to view mental illnesses. However, I don’t know if all people will eventually understand this fact, especially because most of them haven’t been through this.

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