42 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 301

  1. I’m currently practicing this at work. I’ve been in my current career for the last decade. I have an opinion about a lot of things that go on but I choose wisely which ones to address. It’s been very difficult. The parts where my voice shakes; the parts of me where the wounds come out; my emotional growth. Uhg HARD!! But I keep pushing myself.

  2. I was challenged to write fiction based on a random picture – umm, Thursday? It wasn’t something that I would have set myself to, because I generally start with an idea, and fill it in. I”m happy with it. I may make a habit of this, if only for my own growth.

  3. I went on a date not too long ago when every other date I’ve had has ended me up in meh-to-crappy relationships. This one went really well though, so glass half full, maybe.

  4. I stayed up late enough to venture out into the night. I did it by forcing myself to nap between 7:00 and 11:00 p.m. No regrets . . . yet.

  5. I wrote two stories and shared one chapter of one story with an unlikely person. The stories were fiction with a touch of erotic romance. Totally out of my comfort zone.

  6. When I decided to become a home caregiver. I always loved the medical field but it’s totally different when you’re giving one on one care to someone. I had to tell myself everyday, just be yourself, what you didn’t know today carry it with me to the next time I’m faced with it. You find strengths within yourself you didn’t know before.

  7. Together with my husband, we quit our full time job, our house, our family and moved to more than 10,000km away in a new country, without knowing anyone and without having nothing except ourselves. A wonderful experience which we are still living it 💕😊

      1. Without thinking to much and with the desire of some new adventures. And then we said that if really will be so bad we can always go back home, we always have a plan B. But we are very proud that we did it 💕 We are stronger than we thing 💕

  8. Purposely throwing myself into hanging out with two folks I completely did not know, one being a kid I met at a party two days prior & the other being his girl, doesn’t sound like I stepped out of my comfort zone but that was a definite. A while ago I’ve confirmed that my biggest social fears are awkward incidences, Its not such a big deal considering I’m not really an awkward person to begin with (hope that doesn’t sound cocky, oops) but pairing a slightly awkward person with a person slightly more awkward can conjure up those “incidences” quite easily, especially when the two specimens aren’t familiar with one another, needless to say, the day ended splendidly with little to none of those awkward moments I greatly fear, (yes I keep track) and I’m still friends with those two today, lets see how long this one last haha

  9. Instead of scrolling past a picture of something that makes me uncomfortable, I stayed with it trying to figure out why.

  10. The last time (which was not the biggest one) was last September, when I decided to enroll in a II level Master, entirely run in a language I speak and understand, but not really at a professional level. First semester is gone and I am preparing for the second one which just started: I have to say I regret this decision almost every day 😀 because it’s really hard, also having a full time job and being surrounded by native speakers colleagues with way more spare time than me to dedicate to it. It’s full of papers, projects, assignments so I really hope I will make it through because I hate giving up and abandoning things at a half 🙂

  11. The last time I got out of my comfort zone is when I addressed being picked on my boss. I did it by talking to her, then her boss. In conclusion, I’m being lied on and the picking has continued.

      1. I really want to but I don’t want to leave the group of children that I work with. Plus, I want to be there when it all crashes and burns. 😊

  12. I think that my first day bak in work after having time off due to my mental health was the biggest step out of my comfort zone. I had it all planned out in my head of what I was going to wear, where I would park my car etc which helped loads. My friend met me in the car park and we walked to my office together. I was a bag of nerves and was so anxious about it all. But, I knew I had to do it. My friend text me at intervals through the 4 hours I was back (phased return) just to check on how I was doing which helped me loads. I found that preparing for the day helped and taking it all one step at a time was the best method for me. xx

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