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      1. Except that sometimes (when I lose my balance) I might not have enough willpower to push things because of too much acceptance. Like everything, this also needs balance. But I prefer being on the acceptance side still.

  1. I’d definitely have better finances so I could get a car, get out of this town and do what I need to do to finalize crap but not have to be stuck here where I don’t feel I’m getting the support or help I need.

      1. It depends on how ambitious you are, what you’re willing to do, where you live, who you know and what’s available and how much experience you have to di the job.

      1. That’s a good question. I’ve been struggling to get diagnoses.

        What has been confirmed are autoimmune disorders: allergies, celiac disease, and repeating skin cancer. A recent x-ray showed degenerative disc disease, but the rheumatologist who ordered the test refused to follow up; I don’t know how much DDD has to do with my limited mobility and increasingly frequent nerve pain. Also, I’m not sure if migraines and recurring infections count as “illnesses”. Perhaps I should consider more carefully how to phrase my wish….

      2. Look for this book: Heal Your Body – by Louise Hay. Follow those lines, eat well, exercise and you’ll get well. Above all, turn to God, pray and believe that He can help. God bless you.

      3. Thank your kind thoughts. I have seen that book. Food, exercise, and a widespread belief that God is more beneficial than healthcare providers have been problems for my health, but I hope to soon find social worker to help advocate for me while there remains a chance to recover.

      4. It seems that because your autoimmune system is not working ad it’s fullest capacity (or at least, not in a good way) and because of this all types of difficulties appear… I’m very sorry you have to go through this, but I’m glad to see you’re tougher than that.

      1. I’m most passionate about writing / editing. These days, I feel like it’s become too much about who you know rather than what you know in order to land a job you know you’re qualified for (at least, in the Bay Area / California it has).

  2. True question. Honestly I wrestled with this questions all throughout my childhood. Now 26, I wouldn’t change a thing. Everything that I have been through is preparing me for the better years to come.

      1. I have no friends. I have no family other than my children and I expect they will leave me one day too. I spent most of my days completely alone. It’s a miserable feeling knowing that nobody cares about me. Every time it’s a special day I am reminded that I am not loved or wanted and don’t belong anywhere. I tried so hard to be good to the people I used to know but no one would stay in my life. I have never been able to keep friends, they would just stop talking to me or the nice ones would move away or die. It feels like I’m not meant to have friends. Life means nothing if you don’t have people to share it with.

      2. There seem to be something essentially wrong with your beliefs that attracts this shit you’re talking about. I resonate to some extent, I used to feel completely alone. Until I was reminded that God exists and that He, who gave life to everything and everybody, must love me a lot. So I didn’t feel so alone any more. And my friends stepped out of the shadows. They were always there, you know. I just failed to notice them. Believe!

      3. Well in the beginning I just thought that was how life worked. People came in or went out like a revolving door. It wasn’t till I was in my teens that it really started to affect my self-esteem then I realized that everyone else doesn’t have people ALWAYS leaving them. I had to accept that it just was what it was and I stopped trying to make friends because there was no point if they were simply going to leave. I didn’t want to invest my heart in anymore people. It wasn’t till a few years ago when I was well into my thirties that I read an article online that talked about people like me who were always being left behind and it had something to do with abandonment and all these people kept leaving because I was supposed to heal it. They were literally dropping off like flies when I was a child . I had no information or know how so I don’t understand how I was supposed to heal deep issues when the truth was if everyone just stopped leaving I wouldn’t have an issue. Some days I believe it happened because I had to heal and basically God send all these fuckers to abandon me so I would cry my heart out which really makes me mad when I put it like that, but it’s accurate. But then there are other days when I no longer believe in anything and I think people just hate me and I am powerless to stop them.

      4. When you think about your interactions with your friends, how hard have you tried to keep them? I honestly don’t think it’s about you as a whole because I know shitty people with lots of friends and as far as I could tell about you, you’re not a shitty person so there is no reason for people to hate you just because it’s you. Maybe it’s because you’ve chosen the same type of friends again and again or maybe you’ve tried too much to keep them that it ended up being suffocating. Bottom line, I don’t think it’s because it’s something wrong with you or things like that. It’s either the wrong friends (too different than you), or the wrong strategy. I guess the compatibility level needs to be higher between you and potential friends. What do you think?

      5. Everyone who was my friend came to me and seeked out my friendship. I was always too shy to speak to people and it was easier to not have friends over trying to make them. They were the ones who came to me and they were the ones who left. My friends always set the ground rules for the friendship. If they told me they couldn’t talk to me till next Friday then I believed them and I would wait till next Friday and expect a call. I might have called them once because they said we would talk but when they acted like they forgot or it didn’t matter to them like it did to me then I would pull back. When the first group of people left (that were forced to move away because a lot of good people were forced to move) then I would reach out and try to salvage the friendship one time but if it was clear they were blowing me off (ghosting wasn’t a term back then) then I would accept that they no longer wanted to be in my life and I would stop trying. The sad thing is I realized that I was the one keeping every relationship going. With my sister, my dad, everyone. I would call them once a week or text or email and ask how they were doing and take an interest in their lives but no one reached out to me. No one asked how I was doing and when God forced me to see the truth and how everyone was just using me and didn’t really value me or my friendship I crumbled. I cried so hard when I saw the truth because I was always a good friend, not too clingy or too needy. I respected others and even though I did everything the way they wanted people treated me like crap. It was part of my journey to see the truth and when I did anyone who was left I pulled back and decided if they want to be in my life then they will put forth some effort or I’m done. What happened was no one reached out or asked how I was doing because every relationship I had ever been in friendship or otherwise it was always one sided and I was always the one who went without. I don’t try to make friends anymore because I know it’s not worth the effort. I know I never get anything out of them and I’m tired of being used and taken for granted. I can’t attract good people in my life so I am better off without anyone. Sad but true.

      6. I think this is less about you and more about them. They left because they were seeking for a better life. Maybe they are/were too selfish to think about friends…

  3. Mature parents in a healthy loving relationship. It’s been hard to live with and after them. Also, to be born in a less struggling country. We’re talking magic, right? I guess God had other plans.😉

      1. I’d like to avoid getting hurt, or have the ability and trust to address the hurt without turning to thoughts of divorce

  4. Except for going back to a few years younger but keeping my actual experience 🙂 , I think I would just change my job. Not because I don’t like my actual one, but because I dream of having an independent schedule and manage my own time (basically, working from home 🙂 )

  5. Ha ha I know this is a TRICK question … because the answer is NOTHING! anything else would not develop and define you .. and your LIFE LESSONS are allocated to you anyway so you would not be YOU if you had magic 🙂 Ahhh.. just sit back and enjoy the ride as it – all the good and all the bad

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