Writer’s Block Is A Myth

And I’m Not Going To Run Out Of Ideas

When I started writing (for real), the only thing that used to terrify me was the writer’s block. But anyways, I started. I had to.

Whenever I used to fear writer’s block, I would console myself by telling, “We have a lot of mistakes on our side. And a lot of life lessons that come with them. There have been so many radical changes that happened to you. You have a lot to write!”


But the problem came when I couldn’t recall any of those situations. Or they were merely a confused lump which needed a lot of clarity for an article.

Am I Perfect Today?

It’s okay if you lost your memory about your past after that whack on your head. But has that whack carved you into a perfect human being?

I made a lot of mistakes and learned back then. So why not now? There is scope for stupidity! The whole world is full of examples like me.

Personal Growth comes from all of these places. And when there is personal growth, there is a lot of fun and experience coming along with it.

Almost never can I face the writer’s block. Till the day I’m a learner, I am immune to writer’s block. When I want an idea for any of my posts, I just turn my idea mode on. It opens my eyes, ears and head.

Thereon, every situation becomes one to learn from. Then I treasure those ideas somewhere. Later, when I feel confident enough to start, I give them the form of words and paragraphs!

Ideas Are Everywhere!

I’ve got ideas to write upon from sources like a climbing tree or a flock of pigeons pooping around.

I write them in my journal. Sometimes I don’t. I just give it a name that triggers my memory and store it in my notes.

To notice these ideas we need to get more aware. Till the time we’ll be stuck in our thought chains, nature won’t be able to reach out to us.

One of the major causes of failure in my writing, twice, was that I was not looking inside for inspiration. I was wandering outside. Hoping that some good would soon happen.

Once we’ll step inside, the outside and the inside get crystal clear. Or at least we’re in a condition to wipe it.

Ideas are everywhere. I’ve set out to loot them! Have you?

Keep Your 👀 And 👂 Open

“Something’s coming! Let’s make a run for it!”
“Oh really? Is it coming?! Then let’s wait.”

Ideas or inspiration are present everywhere. When we’ll wait, and cease to run ahead of them, they’ll be able to surround us.

They’re trying to call out to us, and we’re digging the ground to find them.

I always used to think, that ideas were supposed to be found.

But when my self-exploration and personal growth venture used to stop, inspiration/ideas would stop flowing.

When we’ll keep working on ourselves and gaining experience points, inspiration will surround us. It’s what I’ve learned so far when it comes to removing the writer’s block.

In addition to this, awareness brings a new level to all this! The learning speed gets accelerated. Because we’re now open to the teachings from all sides.

I don’t have a lid over my head that’s letting water flow above and away from me. Rather, it lets the flow enter me.


Be observing constantly. Stay open-minded. Be eager to learn and improve — John Wooden

Till the time we’re learning, we can’t face the writer’s block.

Till the time we’re open, we can’t face the writer’s block.

Till the time we’re growing, we can’t face the writer’s block.

(Wow! My shortest conclusion ever!) 😉

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