61 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 286

      1. Chores. Commute. Work to earn income. Anything that isn’t reading or doing other things that truly interest me.

  1. Pain – physical or emotional. They both leave me in the blahs.
    Negativity – especially when it’s a choice, like always being the victim.
    Liars. I have to walk away before they drain me.

    1. These are things we encounter daily. In your opinion, can we do something to get rid of them? Or we just need to tilt the balance towards positive things in the rest of the time?

      1. I’m not saying you can get rid of them but modify them to tolerable levels if possible. For instance traffic and the long commute kill me. I’m actively speaking to my bosses on more work from home time. Pain I have to deal with unless I undergo the knife. I try to make yard work fun when I can. Doing more positive things certainly helps take care of the small stuff we all sweat. Ah, I left out poor leadership. My way of dealing with that has been to outlast them.

  2. Loud and extremely up close people…the kind of loud where they are screaming and the only way to communicate is to scream back. The exhaustion that comes from enunciating while trying to talk loud😫😫

    And extremely close people, those who have to get up in your face just to talk to you😫😫

  3. Overwhelming task list!
    But some times, it is difficult to understand what’s draining my energy… may be some internal chatter which I missed to notice. Because this draining happens sometimes when all things are fine too.

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