47 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 281

  1. No haunting here….learn from life’s challenges and move on…” Oh, yesterdays are over my shoulder, So I can’t look back for too long, There’s just too much to see, waiting in front of me, And I know that I just can’t go wrong ” (Jimmy Buffett)… 🙂

    “I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you can appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together”… Marilyn Monroe

  2. All of them. They all begin with my curiosity and lack of self control – even when I know what I’m doing or want to do is “bad”. I lament I lack integrity

  3. Not allowing my grandmother to finish what would have been her last words to me. I spoke over her, and that still makes me sad. Then again, she had a sharp tongue, so maybe it wasn’t so bad…

      1. I don’t recall. She was starting to say something “I’m.. I’m” and I cut in with “Yes, you’re dying.” Damned stupid of me.

      1. Oh no, it’s not. 😉 I
        was being sarcastic.

        It was a stressful relationship, many exhausted days, but it lead me to meet my husband. So some joy cane out of it.

  4. When I was a child (and had just learned about how babies are made), telling a family friend (one year my junior) even though she had said she wasn’t sure she wanted to know, everything I’d been told… It nearly cost our families a friendship of a lifetime… Even 20 years on… I still feel deep remorse, especially during my depressions… 😢

      1. We’re as close as sisters now, but at the time we weren’t allowed to see each other… Just in case I said anything else. It took a long time to rebuild the bridges between her and also with her mother too. 🙁

  5. Not yelling at the vet who mistreated a kitten i found under a car in the hottest summer heat. She died. My mistake was trusting him, who did not tell me what was wrong with her, if she was dying, if she was better off being euthanized because she looked like she had trouble breathing. That was 10 years ago, i was a kid but still…

    1. The kitten got ill about a month and a half after being adopted by my cat. She didn’t die of sunstroke, she actually survived that (she was 3months old)

      1. Bottom line, never making the mistake of trusting doctors without checking the facts myself

        [Sry for three comments, i’d edit the text into one if it were possible]

    2. I understand your pain… Situations like this one are signs that we need to communicate our concerns. But then again, you were a child. I don’t think the vet did anything different even though you have yelled at him.

  6. None of my past mistakes haunt me, because had I not made those mistakes I wouldn’t be where I am at today, and I like where I am today. The past is the past for a reason, so I choose to leave it there and live for today!

  7. Accepting the job offer without knowing the new manager as the recruitment was ongoing for both positions – mine and the managerial one

      1. Yes, with the same manager. A good thing is that because of our conflicts I started seeing the psychologist. The bad thing is that I still did not manage to change the job. Working on it however 🙂

  8. Trusting someone after having all the signs to stop doing it. Not letting go, being stubborn, thinking that feelings make it all (which is untrue, if they don’t come with respect, shared values etc.). But I am quite at peace with it, now 🙂

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