58 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 279

    1. You’re both exceptionally fortunate and exceptionally — and commendably — appreciative. Statistically, well under five percent of our population feels fulfilled in what they do.

  1. I feel that it is chief among the reasons for this poet’s existence, and primary among her passionate pursuits — as well as that, given her many physical and mental limitations, it is the only one which she may hope to do for her societh.

    Also that there may be strength lacking soon to do even that job. Perhaps it is done indeed, and she will be liberated from this place of pain and strife.

      1. Very nicely asked. Many philosophers have commented on the cruciality of being able to ask the right question — and you have it down to an art!

        My answer to my crisis condition has been to withdraw, rebalance, analyse, seek spiritual input, request angelic intervention for the highest good of all, relax, focus on Light, find reasons to smile, and go back to work. I can’t write right now, but have a thousand poems already written to offer until I can.

        There have indeed been some startling rays of hope. Let’s see how long they manage to shine.

  2. Tough question. There are things I love about what I do, the core job of building software the helps people get things done. But I’m so overwhelmed with the demands that my first response was one of despair.

    I keep thinking that should be a sign to move on but there are many amazing perks with this job. So maybe the sign for me is to work toward mindfulness about the job, the demand, my abilities, and my tendency to not say no.

  3. A mix of emotions. I enjoy what I do and it comes with it’s demands, ups and downs as any other job I suppose… Thankfully, there are more good days than challenging moments.

      1. Great questions. The ups of my job: flexibility, working with people, helping families. The downs: endless documentation in multiple formats, seeing clients regress/refuse services – the children suffer in the end, since I spend most of my day driving to client’s houses and have long days, I’ve noticed a lack of motivation to exercise lately – it was my personal coping mechanism of choice

  4. Despair. First word that comes to mind. Under better management the business could thrive and serve a genuine need. Currently it just serves to stew malcontent and bitterness in the workforce using business practices the 50’s and 60’s would be proud of.

      1. If would be wonderful to change to something else, but unfortunately in my area of the world, full time jobs in any sector are few and far between. From that point of view I am lucky, I can afford to pay my mortgage which is more than a lot my age. But at the expense of hating my weeks Monday to Friday isn’t worth it long term. Thank you for your wishes 🙂

  5. Wow, dangerous question. You never know how close big brother is watching. I feel challenged. I feel that I perform a vital function. I feel pride in my work. I don’t feel the sense of respect, satisfaction and family that I would like and used to have. – Feeling and work to me is broken down into two things. Do you like the work you do and who you do it for? Do the people around you make it a good or bad experience if you do.

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