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  1. I’m putting up with my adult son living with me without any contributions because he is following his dream career and it will be awhile before money starts coming in. I want him to have a shot at this. He has 2 years to live with me.

      1. I know several that think I’m not helping him just enabling him… But I was always told “you don’t want to do that” “that’s not for you” maybe life would have been different. We only get one go around. I have housing for me- he can share. I have enough $ for us each to eat 3 meals a day. I can’t offer frills, and it’s hard to live with a21 year old (adult child) all the gumption no life experience and insight to the realities… But when the day comes, he will not look back and regret not having tried. And that is more than most people can say.
        Thank you for your affirmations because my family that are very successful are not pleased. But in the end, I just have to be concerned with what I want to offer and how that may affect him and his children (thru his parenting) one day.

      1. Obviously what is right is always the interpretation of the individual. I try to listen to lots of points of view. I try to take in as much information as I can from people I respect by their body of work and history. I use my heart and head and common sense. I look for honesty, intent and motive. I make mistakes in what is right. But I hope my batting average has set the right direction for my children to improve on. And the most important part of knowing whats right is admitting when your wrong.

  2. ‘Put up’ translates to me as tolerate. Whether internal or external, what incentivizes toleration is often fear, love and/or hate.

    Like breathing, we choose the direction of inhalation and exhalation. If love is chosen, then the angst that often accompanies toleration can be freed to move from pain to peace. There’s no need to fight what’s outside of the breaths control.

    I see internal toleration two ways:

    One, acceptance of who we are, where we are and how we respond to life at any given moment. Here there is self-love and peace.

    Two, judgment of the same and nonacceptance of one’s current state.
    Here there is fear and/or hate, and absence of peace.
    This is where one must fight if desiring to live the life of abundance intended for them. Like breathing, we choose the direction of inhalation and exhalation. If fear, hate or chaos dominate exhalation; then those qualities have been predominately inhaled. To move beyond this place a person would need to expose themselves to different air quality.

    The paradox is that often we don’t know until we’re sick that what came in was damaging. Free flowing carbon monoxide can surround us undetected and kill us, so the hope is that another in life be moved to take action in observing impending injury; or, that they not turn away post injury, and instead sound an alarm of some kind, that would force us to look at truths we’ve made invisible to ourselves. This love brings healing and can improve the air we breathe.

    I think what motivates us to toleration in the grand scheme of things, is the souls understanding in the connectedness of the whole.

  3. The comfortable smile of my residents after helping them because that’s all they really want is for someone to take the time to listen and understand what it is they need

    My kids because I want them to see that mom is doing this for them; building them a foundation of hard work and trying to a forge a legacy of respect for putting in work instead of having things handed

    My husband because I love to see how happy he is when I step outside my comfort zone and actually try a task and finding that I’m glad I gave it a whirl

    And….for those damn pieces of paper called BILLS, because I don’t want to be living by candlelight, I want running water, and a roof over my head, so yeah, those BILLS I tell ya!😉

  4. Knowing that every day is a new chance to start again. On a bad day, new mindset will come the following day. On a good day it motivates me to savour the here and now because nothing lasts forever and tomorrow is promised to no one.

      1. Mostly good ones…. Its got better as time has gone on. I went through a lifechanging event last year and it’s kind of changed the way I look at everything now (for the better).

        On the hardest days, the thing that kept me going was the fact that “this too shall pass….” and took one day at a time ☺️

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