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  1. I think the biggest role parents relationships play in their kid’s lives is how children come to view relationships as they get older. It definitely shapes what their children will view as a good relationship, even if it really may not be a good one. The relationship a childs parents have is what the child will consider normal until someone or an event tells/shows them otherwise.

    1. Children are the observers…..They observe what’s going around them and adopt it quickly…..
      You’re so right…
      Thanks a lit for sharing your thoughts. 🙂🙂😘…

      1. 100%. I learned how not to be seeing my parents relationship. Now I know how that affected me growing up and can try my damndest to keep from hurting my kids in the same way.

      2. Yeah..as we grow older, the picture becomes more clear if the certain events happen with us….
        Best wishes for your kids and family…🤗🤗❤❤💠💠…

  2. I think…

    How parents raise their children affects how they grow to be. Parents are supposed to be caring, educating, tender, and providing guidance, while at the same time not restraining or controlling. Showering their children too much with love probably would make the children to be somewhat submissive, and incapable of independence. Or possibly becoming spoiled and self entitled. Too restraining would likely make the children develop self esteem issues and indecisive

    Parenting doesn’t sound easy, but it’s better to raise the children with a mix of everything, I guess?

  3. We talked about this in my techniques of counseling course today. One thing my professor said that made sense to me was that if there is a void in the family system (aka a parent not being a parent but trying to be “cool” or a “friend”) then the child is going to try and fill that role. They will come up with their own rules or try to parent their siblings, which can be unhealthy in the long run.

    1. Oh, that’s really interesting to hear….
      But in either way, the style of parenting affects the lifestyle of the children for sure….
      Thanks a lot for being here…☺❤…

      1. Oh definitely! Not claiming to be an expert, just thought it was a funny coincidence that we had just been talking about it in class lol glad to be here!

  4. Roles:
    Mom | Minister | Teacher | Doctor | Lawyer | Judge | Psychologist | Friend | Playmate

    Lessons Plans:
    Love | Faith | Compassion | Kindness | Respect | Creative Freedom | Curiosity | Truth vs. Fiction (Questioning) | Intuition| Emotions | Forgiveness |
    No Excuses Accepted, Just Don’t | No One Owes You Anything | Independence | Values | Morals (spirit vs. worldly riches) | Heaps of Hang up the jacket & Wax on, Wax off…

    Time Is Moving Fast Plans:
    Study children’s individual psychology to understand greatest strengths/weaknesses in order to identify ways to have them value their own accomplishments
    and provide experiences to strengthen them in areas of weakness which they are asked to identify separately. Don’t know if this works but point is to have
    them take key role in perceiving their own strengths/weaknesses to conjure ways to turn weakness to strength, then implement & measure. The hope is to solidify
    independence through self-directed improvement to foster knowledge of replication under all circumstances.

    Really though, they only get pieces of my intentions cause I’m not Brahma. Whatever happens my main prayer is that I’ve done enough right that they go
    the “way they should go” [Proverbs 22:6]
    In some ways I see parenting as joining a lifelong ‘Facing the Giants’ crawl dance (https://youtu.be/-sUKoKQlEC4) with some food thrown in between ‘games’.
    All I know for sure is I’m giving it my very best and want them to give the same to their lives.

    1. I can’t thank you enough for your this long lasting comment…😁😁….
      You expressed it in detail and parenting is really a hard and complicated job…..I’m glad you shared your thoughts in detail here…☺☺❤🤗💠…

  5. I not sure if your question implies the influence of the the parents’ relationship to each other on the child or parents’ relationship with the child. I mean if you are a parent you realize at some point it’s all a hot mess anyway but here’s my take: I feel people exist on a range of nature and nurture as an individual. I learned from my child’s very first days on earth that she was who she was and I was not going to mold her into who I wanted as parenting books told me I could (I am referring to sleep eat cycles etc) Now, my goal is to show her and guide her and hopefully she chooses to do “the right thing” because it’s the right thing but if not than because a consequence exists.
    In my life and in some of my friends’ lives- I have seen them overcome terrible circumstances and family lives. Really overcome and excel. I have seen others under similar or less circumstances seem to fall into the same trap as their parents.
    In my own life, even. My brother had a better upbringing and wound up being a lost soul. I had a rough upbringing and was very driven to succeed.
    So that’s my opinion- a range of nature and nurture.

    1. You’re so right with your perspective. It’s truly the range of nature and nurture. I believe we can’t mold our child into what we want him to be….We can just guide him….Then, it’s upto him and nature comes into the action then……
      Thanks a lot for sharing this important perspective. Thanks a lot for spending time over here..☺☺❤❤🤗🤗💠…

  6. As a parent you fulfill many roles. First and foremost you’re an example, either to be imitated or rejected. Your kids will decide to follow in your footsteps or figure out you’re lost and decide to pave their own way. They’ll be influenced either way. This is a passive process that occurs on your best and worst days. You don’t get to decide which traits your kids ignore or mimic. Carry yourself in a negative, pessimistic way and be sure that your child is knowingly or unknowingly planning to emulate or reject your approach to life.

    Parenting is also a mentorship. We try to impart wisdom that fosters positive experiences and limits negative ones. Even despite our best efforts the messages we send may be misinterpreted as they weave through filters of peer pressure, environmental factors and the unique lense of another complex psyche.

    It’s complicated.

  7. Parents should be warm, compassionate, caring, nurturing not narcissistic-pugnacious-sycophants waging personal vendettas as is my experience..

    1. You’re right though…..but the question is that how their own behavior with each other affects the child’s growth…….
      Thank you so much for reading…..❤🙂…

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