66 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 232

  1. I focus on all parts of my life, not just parts of it…. focusing on one part of one’s life is like having a yard full of weeds but focusing on just one weed, by doing that one will end up losing the whole yard… 🙂

      1. No, and you cannot live life all at once either.. 🙂 it is all part of the whole, cannot concentrate on one part and ignore the rest…

  2. breath / the heart facility open 24/7, often unmanned / with diminished presence breathing [life] becomes war / resulting in reactionary disciple [warrior] vs catalyst [commander]. warrior has greater danger of numbing / then greater the war… endless promenades of love – war and peace….

      1. This is what i am trying to find out in my year of self discovery. I want to fight for children to have the right to education. Especially, in poor countries but I want to separate my need to help with my need to be recognised for me to achieve the best impact.

  3. trying to find the JOY in each day. some days are filled with joy, others you have to search hard for. but if you find some each day it makes it easier getting to the next. and if you don’t find any, be happy with yourself that you were looking for some and that tomorrow is another chance.

      1. I’m not at the weight I want anymore and I’m dealing with severe insomnia. =( Otherwise, things are pretty good! Definitely want to stay healthy into old age though.

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