52 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 215

      1. I think to a certain extent it does, or maybe we just don’t notice/observe others enough to realise that they’re struggling just as much as us and deserve something to cheer them up

      2. I think sometimes we have this attitude of just “I don’t care” and we don’t take the time to get to know others or their story

      1. I love to listen especially when it is something new, I like to learn about people and their experiences. But am totally subject to interjection with some random thought because I’m super loud, “enthusiastic” and impulsive. Haha.

  1. We can’t make other people happy, as we are all responsible for our own happiness. We can however, maybe brighten someone’s day or moment by a small act of kindness or giving them a compliment. Also, smiles are contagious. ☺

      1. Being with them during their hard times as we accompany them during happy party times is a true affection..
        Timely care is nothing but paying attention to them,
        Appreciating them for their achievement and for the profile who they are, then guiding them in a right way if they tend to move in wrong path…
        So by being in touch enquiring their state of life frequently makes them feel special and happy

  2. By helping…
    First and foremost it is to make yourself happy, that’s when you can do something for others too…

    Helping others is great but that doesn’t’t mean killing yourself over it…

    Helping others in some way you can, the way they need it, it could be your time, your attention, love, or some other thing…

    If you aren’t losing anything, why not help… it’ll surely make you happy too, that’s all required…

    xx My thoughts xx


  3. I have found taking time for them is one of the most important. That way you get to know them on a deeper level and your more aware of what would help. Sometimes its encouragement or compliments or acknowledgement. Sometimes it tough talk reality. Simple things work a lot. I remember how glad my Mom used to be that I brought her flowers for no reason throughout the year in her later years. It didn’t have to be an expensive bouquet or roses. Sometimes its just a simple visit and listening. But most of the time I find it helpful to just be kind and friendly to everyone. Exchanging a simple greeting of hello or how are you today or have a nice day. At a minimum a nice smile or node.

    1. This is awesome! All of these things are just a way for us to transmit the message that “you matter” whomever that “you” might be. Thank you for this life lesson!

  4. Listen to them! 🙂 Even when listening to people complaining about their troubles can get irritating, indulging them (within reason) can make a big difference in their lives.

  5. Recognize and accept them for who they are and wish to be…. 🙂

    “The greatest challenge in life is to be our own person and accept that being different is a blessing and not a curse”.. Kilroy Oldster

  6. I was expecting more along the lines of be happy ourselves & radiate that. I’m not sure we can make other people happy, we are each responsible for our own happiness. There are simple little things, like listening to people, smiling at them… I find that comes naturally with being in a good place myself.

      1. set an example for them to follow, & then maybe help them. We can only help people who are willing to be helped…

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