Your Inputs Are Affecting Your Outputs

The Quality Of Your Input Is Going To Speak For The Output Itself

“Your input directly translates to your output. Garbage in, garbage out.”
Benjamin P. Hardy

My mom gave me the topic “Team work” to write on.

In those days, I was a mass consumer of Medium. I used to read 1–2 hours of Medium almost every day. Reading productivity, success advice, and life hacks.iIn those days, I was a mass consumer of Medium. I used to read 1–2 hours of Medium almost every day. Reading productivity, success advice, and life hacks.

When I wrote a few lines on that topic, I realized that even my writing tone and voice had changed. It had become more like that of an instructor or productivity master.

That’s the tone of most of the Medium writers.

I had written in a very ambitious, pin-pointing and an instructing tone. As if I was giving strong success advise to someone.

That day, I realized that what you consume most is what you reflect.

When I started reading Medium a lot, my writing tone changed. It flipped from humorous to stern and advising (which I never wanted).

I remember when I was a 6th grader. I had read The Diary of a Wimpy Kid, by Jeff Kinney. That book changed my writing and reading perspective. Because I had stopped reading any other types of books. Only the same book had affected my head so much, that everywhere I saw, I used to see the characters. The situations and jokes would dance all around.

In my head, I would keep judging people through the eyes of the characters of that book. I had become Greg Heffley (the main character). Hanging my backpack on one shoulder no matter how much it would pain. Make my hair like him. And what not. I know it sounds like I’m a maniac. But this is the truth.

Then came another book to destroy my life. Percy Jackson, by Rick Riordan. The book that totally fantasized my life. It was a Greek mythology based book. So it was certain to contain demons, magic, and mystical stuff.

Guess what happened. Now, wherever I went, I was seeing demons attacking me or spying on me. I would feel threatened. (😆 Gosh! What the hell is this!)

Filter your input wisely

You must be cunning and highly selfish in what you are inputting into yourself. Is it motivating? Is it inspiring? Is it helping you take a step towards your goal?

I am thankful to my Dad that this year, he gave me two revolutionary books. The books that have actually helped me take a large step towards my goal of being a better human. The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle and Present Moment Awareness by Shannon Duncan.

These books, as usual, changed my perspective on how I looked at the world. But this time, it was for a better cause.

In that case, the book that has taken me closer to writing is The Writer’s Manifesto, by Jeff Goins.

I see people watching TED talks, and changing their opinions every day. Reading newspapers full of trash and crappy news. The whole collection of papers is nothing but full of judgments, and negativity. And sadly, people start their day by reading that piece of information. They call it being “well-informed.”

Good luck with that!

For news, I find Google Now/News as the best widget. You can try it out too. It filters out news according to your interests.

On the other hand, newspapers have a wide range of information and views. This isn’t good for our brains. The hap-zap change of interests and perspectives is mind-boggling. We won’t be able to stay firm on what we decide to do. In fact, we’ll be carrying other types of junk, that is useless and unreasonable.

So be choosy.

How is this going to help me?

This is a good strategy to help us choose what we want to feed our brain.

Ask yourself when taking in some content, “What’s in it for me?” or “How is this going to help me move closer to my goal?”

Be curious in knowing what’s the best for you.

I want to become a good person and a great writer. So I read books like It’s never too late and The writer’s manifesto by Jeff Goins. Change your thoughts change your life, by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra.

This content has actually helped me in developing myself. At least they’ve given me the compass to do so.

I’m trying my best. Even you can. But only when we stick to our stuff and not roam around feeding ourselves with useless data.

Many times, my cursor starts going towards Google News. Where it shows some news about the conspiring death of an actress. Then I ask myself, “How is this going to help me in writing a good post today?”

I don’t get an answer.

In fact, I see that such content only affects our work in a negative way by changing our thoughts and perspective.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
-Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.


Be highly selfish when it comes to choosing what’s the best for you.

We need to feed ourselves with the best content possible.

Even today, I see myself slipping a million times. Whiling away my time in content that doesn’t resonate with my purpose by any means. My mind is very delicate. I don’t know about yours. But mine gets deluded very easily. It is on the verge to get diverted and jump off track. It is a highly tedious job to keep it walking on the rope, that too consistently.

So take care of it. Keep massaging it with good oils. Not cheap, non-branded oils. But with branded and high-quality ones.

Because your performance and energy level will depend on the quality of the content you feed yourself.
-Myself (😉)

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    Thank you for the recommendations, I will do my best to check it out.

    You always piqued up my curiosity about

    In this day and time, where internet has become ingrained in our system, the responsibility of filtering all our inputs rest on us.

    Definitely a good read.

    Have a great day 😊

  2. Thank you for your post. This is a book really made an impact on me—+mark+manson

    I highly recommend it.

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