79 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 205

  1. Been trying to do just that in my life as of late and it is making me happier when I can do it without relapse. I am human though, so I do slip up, and it hurts me when I do.

      1. A few years already. Once I read in one of Paulo Coelho books a sentence saying “what other people think of you is none of your business” and since then I stick to it 🙂

    1. …on second thought, maybe I wouldn’t need to buy shoes because someone might throw theirs at me, and it wouldn’t matter if they fit or not because I wouldn’t care what people thought I look like. ;D))

  2. To be honest I don’t care too much what the others are thinking about me, so I’m doing what I’m doing because I want to not because of the others. I take my own decision because I want it in this way and not because what the others will think. But I think nowadays there are quite a lot of people out there doing things only because they care what the others say and think about them. Which I think is a very conditioning life…For me everybody should do what they please them and not caring too much what the others are saying or thinking. They’ll be much happier.

    1. That’s awesome! Have you ever stopped yourself from doing something because of this fear about others might think (which is different from doing your thing based on your desires)?

  3. As cliche as this is, I’m really my own worst enemy. I would definitely be able to focus on the positive qualities I see in myself and no longer spend so much time tearing myself down because of how I think others may be viewing me.

  4. I would feel as I do now, free. When I start to think/worry what others might think of me I start to feel negative. No one needs to feel like that, best to not worry about it.

      1. Lets help each other on how one can stop caring about other peoples opinions over ones life

  5. I stopped caring about the “others” a long time ago. That’s when I realized that the world hates your balls for being honest to yourself. You are termed arrogant. You are sidelined. Then you are totally relegated to being invisible. Well, you know by now why I am a loner, don’t you? But is it all worth it? Absolutely! I have but one life. Better to life it with freedom and honesty.

  6. Nothing would change…

    “You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realize how seldom they do”.. Eleanor Roosevelt

  7. I actually have. I feel that, in the first place, no one thinks of you anyway, they are too busy worrying what others think of them, and in the second, I spent too much of my life attempting to please others at the cost of mySELF. My self-esteem, self-respect, etc. Life is too short and too difficult to care so much what others may or may not be thinking. If you want to be truly happy and free, you have to stop caring about things you cannot control. Live the life that feeds your soul, irregardless of the opinions of others.

    1. I totally agree with this so next time we stop ourselves from doing something we’d want because of others, we need to re-consider how important is our life for us…

    1. You would say that caring about other people’s opinions about you is related to empathy? Maybe empathy is related with other people’s opinions in general, not the ones oriented towards ourselves?

      1. Well I read the question different than most of the people who responded. You didn’t specify what kind of opinions and I see most people associated your question with negativity and I thought hmm what if they were all just good opinions and you just didn’t care?

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