Never Stop Believing – Video

   Believing in ourselves when no one else does is one of the biggest challenges we face in our daily journey. It really doesn’t matter what’s about, but whenever we try to do something and people around us have the audacity to decide what we can do and what we can’t, it might trigger inside us one of the two things: we either believe in what they’re saying and we just quit doing whatever we were supposed to do, or we get so fired up by those words and we go forward hungrier.

   Having a strong belief is the key for us to live life. We don’t need to know the outcome; we just need to know that we have the right to try. No one can deny us the opportunity of pursuing our dreams because it’s ours, not theirs. It’s so easy to do nothing and to judge others. Trying to bring others down through their words is the only way some people can feel good about themselves because they do nothing. Since they have nothing good to show about themselves, they try to point out each little flaw others have.

   We sometimes do that to ourselves as well. We just bring ourselves down so we can spare us from the possible future pain. We need the most to believe in ourselves when we’re in some sort of pain and we feel like quitting. It’s easy to believe when everything goes as planned. It’s harder to do it once some curves appear in the straight line we thought we had.

   As you know, we sometimes get in to a point in life when all we have is belief. Belief in ourselves, in our strengths and in our future. Here are some people that talk about how important this self-belief was for themselves:

   What story you say to yourself to keep your self-belief high?

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  1. I don’t know. I just have hope. I tell myself the story of the end times, the revelations of ragnarok and the apocalypse. I dream of anarchy and desolation. Not to punish. But because I’m sad. And saddened by the pains and cries of the downtrodden.
    I tell myself that I can be the bad guy because it’s an act. I know I’m not bad. I can separate my self from my actions. I can separate myself into invisible rays of light in my mind. I know who I am. And what I am capable of. And what I can do. I make my own stories and endings. But making them up in my head doesn’t mean they always come true.

      1. Exactly. It’s metaphor and allegory and allusion and illusion. I don’t actually want to destroy anything. Just… I just want to destroy the social and conceptual constructive constructs. Those are the “binds” I wish to disintegrate to help liberate people from within themselves.

  2. Believing in oneself is the basis of good planning right action and taking on one’s life towards logical ending. A great post with good positive directives.
    Enjoy it well.

  3. “The greatest challenge in life is to be our own person and accept that being different is a blessing and not a curse”.. Kilroy Oldster

  4. I know most advice tells us to focus on the positive, but i find that focusing on negative outcomes can sometimes be more useful for me personally.

    Like, if I’m feeling bad and don’t want to be bothered with anything, I imagine myself getting stuck in a downward spiral where things just get worse and worse….it reminds me that I HAVE to get off my ass and do something otherwise things will just get worse

    1. I don’t know if this counts as focusing on the negative, but it is very true that negativity can motivate us to do whatever we can so we get out of that situation.

  5. So good! Truth, truth, truth….. interestingly I never thought about what maintains my self belief….. sometimes I just do and try not to overthink. Sometimes I push through thinking about my purpose and contribution to the world. Sometimes the push comes from the inspiration of knowing others have gone before me and succeeded under much more challenging circumstances. Thx for this thought!

    1. Thank you for reading! Pushing through the bad overthinking and through whatever tries to keep us back is the way to move forward. Everything is tough but so are we!

  6. I need to finish listening to this. Love what I’ve heard so far…
    Are you okay if I reblog this as a reason onto my site (or would you like to post it yourself as a reason on my site)?

      1. I wish I could say yes but It’s usually only when I’m feeling low. It’d be great to it on a daily basis! 😊

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