Get Honest With Yourself – Video

   One of the most important parts of the self development process is not to lie to ourselves which is easier to be said than done because of many aspects involved (aspects like the level of self esteem, the level of self confidence, the threshold for pain, the expectations and so on). If we get really honest with ourselves, we can see how often we throw obstacles in our path because deep down we want to fail in some areas because of the aspects mentioned above.

   Below is an interesting video where some great people talk about how important it is to get honest with ourselves in order to stop beating ourselves up for not doing the crap we don’t really want to do.

   If you think about it, in what areas do you think you need to be more honest with yourself and why?

18 thoughts on “Get Honest With Yourself – Video

  1. Honesty seems to be well hidden sometimes. One of my biggest battles is with homeostasis – if I move forward too quickly, my inner saboteur comes out of the woodwork, usually in the form of physical illness. So I have to be more honest with myself about how fast that inner saboteur will let me move. Stop trying to move too fast.

    1. I think that the rhythm needs to be a little higher than our homeostatic balance so it can drive us forward, but without us getting overwhelmed by anxiety.

      1. You think homeostasis can be beaten? I’m genuinely interested in your opinion on this, because I’ve never found a way to do it.

      2. Yes, I think it can, but it takes lots of time. I’ll dedicate tomorrow’s post for this topic.

  2. Each part of me is part of the whole…. like an automobile engine with its many parts, all the parts must work together, in sync, in harmony for it to work properly… being honest with myself means I am being honest with all of me at the same time, not just parts or areas of me…. 🙂

    1. Especially with the desire. As Mel said, we often beat ourselves up for not doing things we don’t really want to do.

  3. I like her a lot 🙂
    I guess besides lying to ourselves we also sit on our butts waiting for things to happen magically…
    I personally need to stop wasting time with what matters less, because that’s a great distraction and trick to keep not being honest 🙂
    Thanks for sharing

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