Be Patient

   We created a society where anything we want, we can buy it and it will be ours soon. The problem with this is that there are lots of things we cannot buy and we get frustrated because those things won’t happen as fast as we would want to. I’ve started to think about this thanks to thegoodhuman’s comment about patience.

   We often go for these things fully motivated and ready to do whatever it takes to get there, but only if it happens faster. Who wouldn’t be prepared to work 24/7 for two weeks if that person would know that his or hers dreams would come true because of that? But it doesn’t work that way and we work very hard at the beginning and we reach to burnout and after that we quit doing it because we don’t see the results. Farmers could teach us a thing or two about this.

   I’m not a farmer, but I got to a certain level of patience. I achieved this due to a certain mix between my goals, my plan and my vision. As Les Brown says below, a tree won’t grow in a day.

   I love Simon Sinek’s input about this and also how Les Brown addresses the issue. What is your favorite idea? Have you found some new insights that can help you with building patience?

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  1. It’s worth remembering that currency is just a different version of trade. People in the past traded items for items. I want you cow, maybe you want some cloth?

    I think the problem probabaly became that, you don’t want any cloth. But you want to sell your cow. So how can it be done?

    Currency. It enables use to exchange one universal (so to speak) thing for anything else. I’m not an expert, but that’s how I understand it.

    But you are right that giving up is easy, but it’s because we try to go straight from A to Z, when very rarely does that happen.

  2. I have developed patience thinking positively about life in all its forms.The result I achieved success with firm accomplishments. your post is very apt and rightly explained.

    Ican request you t read my two posts MYSTORY LIFEOF CHALLENGES PART 1 AND MY STORY PART 2.

  3. I have patience because I design and make things that people want like now. It’s troubling this trend because we now hold little to no value to the things we have. So it’s want now then five minutes later throw away.

  4. So true. When we want things it is now. But things takes time. Patience is something we all need. Some people achieve things quicker and the crash. Sometimes it may take longer to get there, but the wait will be all worth it at the end.

  5. My stance on patience is practice, practice, practice. In order to be patient, you have to practice pacing yourself.

    My insight is I don’t pray for patience, I pray for the strength to endure whatever hardships come my way.

    Thanks for asking.
    Have a nice day.
    Namaste friend 🙏 🤗😘

  6. I grew patience really early in childhood from my parents. Also, there was no internet nor cellphones for me most of my life having been born in the 60’s. I really think that makes a difference from the kids nowadays.

    1. Yes, well we got used to have every thing almost instantly. This doesn’t apply values and traits which need more time to be built.

  7. Patience, a big word nowadays. Almost a curse. In Frenh we say “génération zapping”, the “next” generation, we expect life to react like a TV set or our cell phones. We ask, we obtain. Need the meaning of a word? Google, my friend. Dictio what ? Don’t have time for that. We order new items on the Internet and want them the next hour (it doesn’t matter if Amazon pressures the workers in order to meet those requests). I recently read a post about that. Very interesting where we are headed.

    But you know what ? the Slow movement is here and that is very refreshing and restful.

  8. Patience is something I have been very conscious of the need for lately – it isn’t one of my strongest virtues!

    I think what you say is correct, and for me it reiterates the necessity to find intrinsic value in whatever it is that you are doing. With regards to writing and blogging, it definitely sustains you through the dry patches!

      1. 😁😁 Well my poem was and still is going to be about how we need everything now and the knock on effect. I’m thinking of Amazon Alexa online shopping the death of normal shops and the I want it all now attitude of today. I’ll see what I come up with 😁

  9. Ooops!!! Patience is one thing I lack
    Am not that patient and I have never been but working about it…
    I get insipired everyday and now being patient is among my dreams.
    Hope to achieve it soon

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