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  1. In order to get stronger I think I need to hustle every day and to keep my reading and writing routine no matter what how hard it is. This way I can get stronger by proving myself I can do whatever it takes to achieve my goals.

  2. I recall the pain of Chemo and Radiation. It showed me what the body can endure, and made me stronger. Because of it, I compare a lot of life’s little idiosyncrasies to Chemo. Haven’t come across anything as bad as that! 🙂

  3. Oooh, that’s a fantastic question. For me it’s probably rejection. So much of my life has revolved around avoiding rejection – it’s always been my biggest fear. I figure if I put myself out there and get rejected on a regular basis, eventually it’s got to stop being painful. Hopefully.

  4. I think people need to overcome the pain of being wrong. Everyone is too afraid of being wrong and it making them seem as less intelligent so they do a lot of mental gymnastics around it so that they can feel better which can have a negative effect on the way they think.

    1. This is one of the biggest obstacles we face. We hate on being wrong because of multiple factors (ego, other people’s judgement and so on). This is stopping us from moving forward…

  5. Do you actually have to endure pain to become stronger? Maybe it’s more a matter of determination, and focus – less on the suffering?

    1. No, but pain is what we try to avoid. Once we realize that pain is a way for us to get stronger, maybe we won’t try to run away from it so badly 🙂

      1. There are pains that are worthy. Giving birth. Letting people grow away from you. Learning something new. But the pain of abuse or neglect, or apathy in a situation? I think it’s a matter of the situation, and understanding that pain isn’t always the hallmark of strength.

  6. I need to endure the pain of criticism. I keep my work to myself or post it in small groups like the blogger community because I’m afraid of the masses opinions. I want to out my work but people are so mean now

    1. People being mean has nothing to do with the work we put in. That’s just how the mentality is these days. If you believe that your work can bring some positive impact into our world, go for it. We shouldn’t keep it away from the people that need it the most because of those that are mean.

  7. The pain that I need to endure to get stronger is “separation from family”. For me, separating from my family has been a daunting task. I honestly love my family and I wish them all well and will do anything I can for them. One of my own personal quotes is “Family matters matter because family matters”. However, during this journey of self-exploration that I have been on for the past two years, I have discovered that my family’s dynamic is based on an unhealthy codependency, to say the least. We are a group of individuals with no individuality. This revelation both hurts and saddens me because as the one that moves to the sound of her own drum—I’m often viewed as an outcast in the family. Nevertheless, I will continue to positively separate from those in my family that are detractors in my life as I confidently march to my own beat of love, individuality, and inter-dependency with the hope that someday others will be brave enough to join the march.

    1. In our journey in this life, it’s our duty to help others to became the best of themselves. If they refuse to do it and they just like to be dragged around, they do no help for us and for the ones around them. Maybe they need to feel some sort of pain too in order to realize how important it is to strive to evolve.

      1. True! Therefore, I have decided to confidently and lovingly lay aside every weight that tries to hinder me and my progress. If the older generation choses to remain set in their ways, so be it. However, I must free myself and move on in order to be able to help the younger generation. For me, it’s decided so it’s a done deal with the help of Jesus Christ who will give me the strength and ability to do it. #ButGod

  8. Dealing with periods of anxiety and resolving them with action. Lately, I have been using awareness and contemplation of how I feel by breathing mindfully. Those two approaches help me become more resilient one step at a time.

    Have a great day,

  9. Not necessarily pain as Liz mentioned earlier, but definitely experiences. Personally, trauma has definitely helped in gaining maturity about different situations, but that’s not always the case for everyone. All experiences, good or bad, push us somewhere new. Its whether or not we’re aware of our decisions that keep us from making the same mistakes and growing.

    1. I totally agree with you! We learn the best through experience (although some things, like being cautious when crossing the street doesn’t need a car accident first).

  10. I think feeling like you’ve improved your life, then being knocked down again and having to build yourself back up, goes a long way in making you stronger. Right now I’m at the knocked down stage but I have hope that I’ll be up again. Maybe next time I can stand tall for a much longer period of time.

  11. A friend said something a while back that this question reminds me of: ‘sometimes we need to hurt before we can feel better.’
    Coming out of child-abuse, I realized, through therapy, that for most of my life I was avoiding the pain of that childhood rejection and that avoidance left me a little flat and incapable of truly deep and fulfilling emotions and relationships. Now that I have entered into that pain and owned it and don’t deny it– I can feel myself healing more and more (though I know a wound and sore spot will always remain) and I feel such a wide range of emotions. It’s also strengthened my existing relationships.

    1. I’m sorry for your child-abuse childhood. I’m glad that now you continuously find strength to heal yourself and to improve your life. You’re a badass!

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