55 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 150

  1. The only thing I would do differently is not say hurtful things Iโ€™ve said in anger. This is in my more recent life. I canโ€™t take them back. Just apologize and not do it again.

  2. Yes and no. If I changed a few things I think my life would end up where I am. I wouldnโ€™t do anything to jeopardize not meeting my husband for sure. So yes Iโ€™d change little things like do better in school or art. Make more friends, be less paranoid.

  3. I would finish high school and go straight to college. Instead, I gave birth and got married at 17. I endured a terribly hurtful (emotionally not physically) marriage for 20 years “for the kids.” Now that I’m a a remarried 43 year old prosecuting attorney, I know what happiness feels like. I also have a new toddler and feel that she benefits from something my grown (but very functional) children did not – patient parents. It seems that (at least for me) with age, wisdom and patience come.

      1. With that energy and will you are wasting for years in University you can cope with any biz.
        I envy people who started something during their education (or instead).

      2. I wouldnโ€™t necessarily say that energy is wasted. To me university isnโ€™t primarily about writing good grades, but more a out meeting new people and starting some sort of an initiative or business…

        But you can also start a biz after as well.

  4. There’s lots of things I wish I hadn’t done (marriage, for one), but if I hadn’t done them, I might have done something worse. So, unless I knew for certain there would be a better outcome, no, I wouldn’t do anything differently.

  5. No… I used to think I would but honestly I only have 1 real regret that I find difficult to live with but even that taught me something, love people and express yourself to them while they are still here

  6. I don’t know – some of that depends on if I took the knowledge I have now with me? Would I be able to see the consequences of the differences I might choose? I’m thinking – it would have been nice to have been properly diagnosed and treated for my bi-polar etc… But that’s pretty much it.

    1. Thanks for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚
      That’s a really valid question I always ask myself as well. Especially when it comes to making big decisions.

      If you’ve never been probably diagnosed with bi-polar, how do you know you are bi-polar? ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. In 2007 my cat was born and made my life happy and is still helping with my anxiety attacks.

        My mental illness was perceived as shyness (social anxiety) therefore untreated because Frko is such an awesome cat he helped awfully a lot but then depression switched into a higher gear… So that was noticed in 2017

  7. I think I would learn to genuinely care for my wellbeing at a much younger age. It’s astounding how blatantly obvious life can be when you understand the concept of acceptance and find contentment in the things you can’t control.

  8. Assuming you go back to the person you were and can’t bring anything you’ve learned along the way… No. I would change zero. Every breath, every word, every decision has given me my greatest blessings, my children and grandchildren.

  9. I would not change anything at all. I have read some who have the same out look as mine. We turned out alright with the life lessons we learned. Some good some bad. I am happy where I am at in life being a published author and a blogger.

  10. I canโ€™t say I would change anything… Those โ€œmistakesโ€ or blips I made were all apart of my journey and taught me valuable lessons…

  11. I would leave everything the same. Although I would have liked to have known I have BPD and learned DBT sooner, my children and I would be different if I had. I am happy with the way my children and grandchildren turned out and I’m happy they are in my life.

  12. This tougher to answer than I expected. I think that every path I took so far in life brought me to the place I am now and I love where I am because I finally realized that Iโ€™m in control of my life. So I would say no, I wouldnโ€™t change anything. It took me a lot to understand and accept this! If you asked me a while back, probably my answer would have been different.

    1. There was a story “Hot Stone”.
      Who heaves the stone could return youth.
      One boy helped an old man, but old man refused youth, he said he would do all the same things.
      That’s the story.

  13. > meeting new people

    Yes, it’s a great wonder when you can make friends and keep them.
    Some of my classmates have Oscar, some buy movies in Cannes, some are Risk and Top Executives in big companies.
    I wish I would be able to make and keep friendship. It’s a value.

      1. I always was shy of such things. If I have a little in common with somebody I have a little to talk about and if I have mutual interests I becoming shy. I saw many interesting people but always was too shy to keep friendship with them.

        And classmates…. one: “I like Panama” (but I don’t like Panama), other: “I like Mercedes-Benz”, (and I don’t), one has adopted children and I don’t know what is a right thing to talk to people with adopted.

        I am not sure I am able to change it inside me for the present.

      2. I love movie “My best Friend” with Dany Boone

        You know there is homo-phobia in the World and probably there is “friend-o-phobia”, phobia of getting friends.

        I often hear about “atomization”. I think it’s a global problem. People becoming nicer but there are few friends in the World.

        I advice you to watch the movie. It’s a comedy so it’s a pleasure.

  14. I wouldnโ€™t change anything because our experiences form our character. Iโ€™ve learned from my mistakes and hopefully I can enlighten others as I continue to walk my journey. Believe me Iโ€™ve made a ton of mistakes and probably will make more but each experience is a chance to change.

  15. Probably not… ๐Ÿ™‚

    โ€œEvery single thing that has ever happened in your life is preparing you for a moment that is yet to comeโ€.

  16. No as I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I’ve been through so much in my life and it’s made me a very unjudgmental person and I wouldn’t change that for the world even though I am a right state at times

  17. Yes. I’d try to be more relaxed and enjoy the good times. I probably wouldn’t change the major life decisions because I simply wouldn’t be me then, but small things like being more assertive and confident about being myself, I’d do.

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