How to Stay CALM in Stressful Situations – Video

   Stress is a huge problem these days because the world is full of chaos (both outside and the inside world). Because of this, I believe we need all the help we can get in order to adapt ourselves to this, otherwise we’ll have a short stressful life (stress has a huge impact over our body which I wrote about in this post).

   I’ve encountered the below video on YouTube which I find to be very helpful so I’m sharing it with you. I personally love the first advice because I have a daily schedule (not as strict as I’d like to, but it does the job) and since I have it I found that my stress level decreased a little.

   What do you do to manage your stress level?

6 thoughts on “How to Stay CALM in Stressful Situations – Video

  1. When I’m stressed out, I find an activity to help me burn off the anger towards whatever is stressing me out. Usually exercise, I do about 25 jumping jacks, then some pushups and jog in place and if I’m still stressed, I start over again.

  2. I really feel similar to Gary Vee‘s dark side. If you imagine that you loose something more important then the stressful thing you are in right the hole situation will look more easier to me. If I am stressed out I need to work out and have a shower. Then it’s like a restart button, my thoughts will be having a time out and my mind will be refreshed. Actually I got to work out regularly and I just can confirm that it brings a huge impact for me. Problems are just easy to solve and because of the positive hormones cruising in your body you will be more easy going and calm. I really enjoyed hearing that comparison with the shoes you tire first and feel embarrassed because you don’t know to handle it. It’s exactly like this. If you are in a stressful situation who just can think about is as a lection. You will do something for a first time and feel ashame or unsure? That’s okay, accept it. And then try to come over it and just do it. It will take time until you feel sure about a certain project which you never did before. But if you challenge yourself and try to do things which frightens you a little bit/// you will grow and be more self- confident. Afterwards you can smile to your self and ask yourself: why did I was stressed out? You will feel strong and clear! And then stress is not a stop button, it brings you to that personal border and is the opportunity to grow

    1. We have a fear of the unknown which one of the reasons we get so anxious about doing things for the first time and that’s ok. We just need to go forward despite that fear.

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