Movie Thoughts – Intouchables (2011)

Movie Thoughts   This movie is about a man whom is completely paralyzed due to an accident he suffered which hires another man to be his caretaker and a great friendship is developed between the two of them (you can find more about this movie here).

   Many interesting topics were included in this movie. One of them is the fact that the caretaker pushed his dude to get out of the comfort zone as much as he could. The illness was not necessarily an issue to experience new things in life. If you really want something, a way can be found to get there. This applies for both of them. The caretaker had enough balls to go after what he needed and that was enough to get some attention.

   This movie shows the fact that when we cannot get out from our comfort zone, we might need someone to give us a little kick in the ass. If our own motivation is not enough, someone can improve it. That’s what mentors do and sometimes that’s what friends do. Of course, we should always filter if we it is good to do that or bad. We all have friends that try to get us out of our comfort zone to do some nasty stuff that can hurt us in some way. If that’s the case, we should say no.

   We can also see how different life is for people. Some live in wealth while some live in poverty (we all knew that already, but sometimes our imagination is not enough to see how big the difference really is). Some people try to live with that whilst others try to do something about that. In the end, it’s all about the mindset. Will Smith says that he grew up with the idea that where people are born almost didn’t matter. All that matters is what are people going to do about that and where they’re heading to. That’s what matters.

   It is an awesome movie to watch and I feel I cannot find the right words to express its essence. Have you watched it? What’s your opinion about this movie?

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  1. I love this movie!! It’s been a while since I’ve seen it but it was surprisingly funny, despite the storyline. I love how he gave the guy a chance, despite him not being what you would expect him to be like. It teaches you that people can work hard and achieve greatness no matter where they’re from.
    I also remember the last scene as being particularly emotional. When he goes past the window and looks back. The music at this part (which I think was Einaudi if I remember correctly?) is really beautiful.

  2. I saw a movie with the same topic called Me Before You. It took a different turn than what the movie you’re reviewing sounds like it took. It sounds like these two movies are like two sides of a coin.

  3. I have seen this! This is the French film, right? I heard there is a remake happening (or already happened) and I don’t know if I’d be okay watching it.
    I love the message of the film that CLASS and one’s past should not be the defining factors that limit one’s experiences and possibilites in life. Everyone once came from nothing. But all because you might be poor or ugly or just… something that is “different to the society that surrounds you”, that doesn’t define you. And so many people are so fucking fortunate because of the successes of their parents or grandparents or whatever. It’s the self made b/millionaires that remember what it is to be humble, but their subsequent progeny tend to become entitled. Like, their family money makes them special and therefore “superior” to other people in society. Trust your instinct. Trust you know what you’re doing. And sometimes… it’s not always “law abiding”, and “crime” as long as no one gets hurt isn’t really bad. Even if it is technically criminal. LOL

    1. Yes, it’s the French movie. I had no idea about the remake, but I’d be interested to watch it. Maybe it’s even better.
      I think that the self made b/millionaires can be humble because they know how hard they worked for those money whilst their children have no idea about that. It’s kinda sad if you think about it. They cannot know the pleasure that comes from struggle of getting something.

      1. It might be. But when appreciating remakes, understand that it’s an homage to the original, adapted for a new market.
        I hated vanilla sky. I didn’t even know it was a remake. But found out it was. But that’s not indicative of all remakes. Like the oceans 8 series. It’s beautiful and new, added to the series. Not replacing it. Which is kind of sad when movies just tries to imitate the original.

  4. I love watching foreign language movies. It wasn’t until last year I really go into it. The untouchables was the very foreign movie I watched. I was so impressed with the movie. It was quite overwhelming in the beginning it being the fact it was a different language and I had to pay close attention to the subtitles. But other that, the movie was epic. There was a sense of warmth I felt when the movie ended. There are so good people in this world. We sometimes fail to realize that.

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