25 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 130

  1. The biggest problem I had was not knowing what to do with my life and I overcame it by starting this blog. Because of this blog, I realized I like to write about the crazy things that go through my mind so I’m training myself to be able to go deeper.

  2. Depression. What did I learn – where do I start?!? That I was stronger than I imagined, that I need to look after myself, that I can write and do things I would never have thought possible.

  3. The biggest problem was probably worrying what other people thought about me and my decisions. I learned that I can’t control what other people think of me – their opinions are usually about them, rather than me. I also learned never to give too much weight to anyone else’s advice unless they are living the exact life I want to live.

    1. That is my belief as well. We cannot control what other people think about us and it really has nothing to do with us, but with their own reactions to our actions.

  4. Being in a relationship with a man who has narcissistic personality disorder. The number one thing I learned is that life is not happening to me, life is responding to me. Thus, if I want change in my life, I must be the change.

  5. Abusive relationship(s), I’ve started to make a conscious effort to love myself more and be honest with myself even if it hurts or means I’m wrong in doing so I can let go of anything/anyone that isn’t doing me any good and pray for them to be removed without the usual hesitation I used to have

  6. my life is driven by my perception of it. people would make me feel like being an optimist is almost like being naive, but i realised all i had to do was cut myself off negativity and learn how to turn it all around. alhamdulillah

    1. I think that being optimistic has nothing to do with nativity. It’s more like being aware of the negativity, but choosing to find ways to make things better because there’s always a way.

  7. When I was a child I was drowning. (Is a drowning a problem?). Some passerby saved my life. When I feel bad about humanity in general I sometime get to remember that accident. It helps to think about people better.

  8. The biggest problem I have is not enough hours in the day and the only way I will overcome that is stop going on my daily adventures exploring the universe.. will not overcome but will keep exploring using what time I have left… 🙂

    “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover, acquire new friends and gain knowledge of yourself and the world.” Samual Clemens aka Mark Twain

  9. The biggest problem I’ve overcome so far is my need for approval from my non-supportive (to say the least) parents. I learned that I can’t make them happy and be happy myself, becaus eno matter what I”ll never conform to their standards.

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