Movie Thoughts – Up in the Air (2009)

Movie Thoughts   This movie is about a dude that travels to many places of the country to fire people. Other companies contact the company this dude is working for and they are paid to go there and fire some of their staff (you can find more about this movie here). This guy loves to travel and his desire is to never settle. He also gives speeches about this. Actually, those speeches sparked my interest.

   This is the motivation he has: each thing or person we have in our lives are weights that hold us down. We can barely move forward because of this and letting everything go can be very liberating. He has a point, but I don’t quite agree with him. If we believe that all the things and people in our lives are only weights that hold us down, it’s probably because we don’t have the most appropriate things and people. Actually, the people from our lives can be the missing pieces we need to move forward faster.

   As I like to say, it’s all about the mindset. If we feel that the people we have in our lives are holding us down, they probably shouldn’t in our lives. But there is an important thing we should take into consideration: are they really holding us down or we just use that as excuses for our own laziness and fear? It’s easier to stay still and complain than moving forward despite the difficulties.

   Overall it’s an interesting move. Have you watched it? What are your thoughts about this?

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  1. Hey! Nice one! 🙂

    When living with someone or having a partner, there is simply no way around to having weights on you. If you have a partner and or have children, you will have weights in your life, no matter how well you understand yourself with them.

    I say this, because deciding to live to be with another person demands to make compromises. Always. These compromsies can, therefore, on occasion, prevent you from doing what you feel like doing in a certain moment.

    What the movie shows is that, although Ryan has such a strict philsophy of living life solo, ultimately begins to fall in love with Alex (who also believes in a living a solo life) and even walks off stage during his last motivational speech as he himself notices that he no longer believes in his philosophy.

    I think his main philosophy in the movie is good when you’re young and want to experience all facets life has to offer. It’s a good approach to really get out there and not have any regrets later in life.

    The movie shows us, that at the end of the day, love overtriumphs everything and is the only entity we really need and we all strive for.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. Love also can be a great motivator! It’s both funny and interesting to see how people can change once they encounter something more powerful than them.

  2. I haven’t watched the movie but I thought what you wrote was interesting. I do believe some people in our lives can be dead weight we need to drop like friends or family who put us down or hold us back. But I also believe that not everyone is a weight or a burden. The right people in your life can make things better. I think the right ones will cheer you on and encourage you and the wrong ones won’t.

    1. Yes, I totally agree with you. The challenge is to realize which person is a weight and which can make our lives better.

  3. I have not, but it sounds interesting! I have to agree that if the people around you are “weights” then they are not your people. Your people should be lifting you up, guiding, redirecting in love, etc. Sorry for the mini rant! 😀

  4. I don’t totally agree with him either.
    People can be seen as catalysts in our lives, either helping the equation forward, or pulling it back. It all depends on which “catalyst” you apply.

  5. I’ve spent several years travelling and working while travelling and carefully keeping my luggage light and changing cities and countries quite often, so the movie definitely caught my attention, as it’s about someone who travels a lot. And travels lightweight, too, and that’s an art. And the weight of the emotional luggage was, from my point of view, more of a metaphor, as the guy fell in love even though he did not carry any emotional ‘luggage’ so in the end he decided to stick to the only thing that made him happy: travelling. Flying. This was his way to face the fact that he simply couldn’t connect with people… or wouldn’t?

    1. I think it’s more of a “wouldn’t” than “couldn’t”. Since you did travel a lot, do you relate to him?

  6. I don’t think that most of us would actually want to live in a world where we don’t have people or things in our lives, lol.

    I agree with your assessment that people can actually help each other succeed, not necessarily weight each other down like this character thinks. My mom’s neighbor offered to be a reference for a volunteer position for me, and that might actually help me land one, for example.

  7. I really enjoyed this movie – I saw it from the travelling angle and the whole concept of airports and the loneliness of airplanes. Or is it loneliness? Sometimes it is the best peace and quiet you can get.

    The soundtrack was amazing and all the cast were brilliant! There is also a moral buried in there somewhere!

  8. I agree with your mindset. Instead of thinking it is all holding us back, we should consider why people and things in our lives and they can be holding us back or possibly they are the wind beneath our wings

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