Movie Thoughts – The Truman Show (1998)

Movie Thoughts   This movie is about a dude whose whole life is a TV show. Every second since his birth has been filmed with hidden cameras and broadcasted live 24/7 (you can find more about this movie here). Watching it got me thinking: What if my whole life is not what I think it is and I’m actually trapped? This is one of the questions that shook my boots.

   One of the answers I could come up with is Yes, I am trapped. I’m trapped in my mind. Whatever I think about this world might be wrong and it’s ok. If I go forward with this idea in my mind, I can be more open about my surroundings and about how those surroundings affect me. This allows me to extend my perspective just because I know I might be wrong so I’m more open to learn to be less wrong.

   Most of the time the problem is not that we are trapped. The problem is that we don’t know it and because of not knowing we cannot get better. Sometimes we know that we are trapped, but we feel powerless and we give up the fight to break free. I guess we sometimes need to get on a certain level of suffering to find the ways necessary to rise from the ashes of captivity.

   Have you seen this movie? What are your insights about this?

18 thoughts on “Movie Thoughts – The Truman Show (1998)

  1. I assume you like Jim Carrey as much as I like to see his movies. It’s long before as I watched this movie but I still remember the effect of seeing that movie arrangement in the past. I was quite shocked about all this manipulation which was done to the main character. Afterwards I thought we often get manipulated by our society and our surroundings without recognizing that our reactions are the results of being influenced by values and mindsets of others. The movie is a little bit crazy like all movies with Jim Carrey but I enjoyed thinking something so different which hits my mind for a while

    1. Well, I’m going to take my thoughts as hypotheses which need to be tested. Because of this, I’m going to pay more attention to what’s happening around me so I can have a better understanding of my surroundings since I cannot take for real whatever sh*t is going through my head. I’m already doing it, but I need more practice.

  2. The main character in this movie was afraid of water and was bound by his limiting beliefs. He was stuck. But when he faced his fears he found freedom. That is a real life lesson in which we can all benefit. Determination and a focus on the desired outcome are key in bringing us what we want.

  3. I remember thinking what we see may need further analysis because we interpret information based on our previous experiences and not everyone has the same experiences. It really creeped me out that EVERYONE knew about Truman except Truman. What if people do that regularly??

    1. That’s an interesting idea. I guess that in real life people are too concentrated on their own lives so they might not have time for thinking about others.

  4. I was just blown away by the idea that there could be a set of that size, with so many “actors” all manipulating this poor man to sell products, to be “entertainment” and to have no privacy at all. We’ve pretty much reached the zero privacy standard; the manipulation is all in how you choose to respond. Blue Pill/Red Pill – both or neither? Who knows?

    Mostly, I felt bad for Truman – people were utter crap to him, and he still turned out to be a nice guy.

  5. I had the same thoughts when I watched it a few months ago. Oftentimes, we choose our path and feel like we’re stuck because of the other people in our lives seemingly keeping us down. This happens only because where we are is comfortable.

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