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  1. Hmm… that’s a good question.

    Is pain an emotion? Yes, but when it’s physical I don’t think it is but that’s something I feel every day.

    I feel love every day. And why shouldn’t I? I have the love of a wonderful man, someone who has loved me since childhood and someone whom I have loved since I was a small child. It is passionate and fierce, quiet and peaceful. All consuming, leaving room for very little else.

    I feel rage every single day and I have lots of reason for that, too, but I put the rage in a glass box and I look at it and remind myself that the reasons for the rage no longer exist and I have no need for it. I’ve lived the life, done the therapies, thought the thoughts, changed the behaviours. The rage lives on, but I don’t let it control me.

    I feel peace every day. Not all day – after all, I have a ten month old puppy. Who chews things. And eats them. Every. Single. Thing. – but every day.

    What emotion do you feel every day?

    1. Great list! Every day I feel love (for and from my wife), disappointment (I know I don’t put 100% in the things I do), gratitude (for what I’ve accomplished so far) and sometimes anger (I see to many reactive people around me that are full with sadness which makes me angry and I have to do something to help them).

      1. Ahhh Gratitude! Can’t believe I forgot to add that one. It’s an every day thing for me, even when the pain is so overwhelming I can’t see straight. It’s something I learned late in life, about 8 years ago, and something I try not to forget.

  2. In the mornings and evenings: unconditional love for my cat. I wake up smiling to him yelling at my face. Every single day.

    During the day: Hate for the human kind. So destructive. Happy if i see a good person but those are so hard to find …

    And relieve that i’m not one of the many. That my thinking is not “normal” or should I say “ordinary”?

  3. Empathy.. for people I meet during the day, my family most importantly there going through so much and I guess for the little girl I use to be.

    Sometimes I feel so much it gets overwhelming for me but it’s just because I’ve been through a lot so I relate to people struggling and going through hard times and still holding there head up and carrying on anyways.

    I think that’s one of the most beautiful and admirable things to see someone.. persevering and not giving up regardless of life’s challenges..

    1. Boredom can be emotion if it is short-lived. It may however also be considered a ‘mood’ if it is something that has been going on a little longer.

      Lacking the focus to become immersed on one thing is completly normal. A lot of people struggle with this. A great thing to practice to help you maintain focus and get into deep thinking is 10 minutes of meditation each day! Focus on the now and your breathing and catch yourself everytime you lose focus. Has really helped me overcome that barrier 🙂

      1. I dnt knw. Everything. Like if i have to go somewhere, the thought of driving, meeting people, thoughts of bad happenings and then anxiety kicks in. Its weird i supp

      2. It’s not weird. Lots of people feel like this. It needs more introspection to find the root cause.

  4. It varies for me day to day. Sometimes happy, and peaceful. Sometimes it’s boredom. But due to repetition and monotony. Usually in my career. Working on breaking out of the cycle.

      1. A feeling of peace that I used to know. It was when I had real work life balance and more time for self care. When I used to meditate often and I had alone time which recharged my batteries. Now everything is rushed, the family dynamic have changed drastically. But I’m working on a better life for myself so I can say overall I’m happy when times are good or bad. And also my son can see his mom is striving to be a happier person and not grumpy or irritated all of the time by the circumstances I can’t change.

  5. Practically every day unexplainable awe about Nature. It’s beautiful and I don’t know why. Some beauty and coollness of what I see around. Sky, green scenery and such like.

  6. I’m happy to be feeling a range of emotions these days. Sadness, Happiness, Contentment, gratitude, resentment, trepidation, grief, satisfaction… as a result of past trauma and abuse I tended to ‘numb out’ or dissociate, particularly if I was feeling something painful. Part of my recovery from past abuse was learning to recognize and feel all of the emotions we humans are capable of feeling.

  7. Sadness. I miss my dog.

    He’s fine, don’t worry: he’s just luxuriating down in Sunny Florida with my now-retired parents while I’m stuck up here in the Gray, Rainy North.

    1. Reading through the other responses I’ll add gratitude and love to God and for my family (normally only at the end of the day when all is finally quiet!)

    2. I think it’s more of a state which has multiple emotions combined (emotions like sadness or anxiety). The most important part is what triggers it. Maybe you worked a lot and it’s natural to feel tired or maybe you are going through some tough times.

  8. I would say that because of my isolation and my lack of connections to the outside world, the emotion I feel almost every day is loneliness. I’m not totally unhappy because I get very invested in my hobbies and my inner life, but I don’t see people outside my family very often and I don’t talk to any of my old friends anymore. So yeah, I often feel pretty lonely. :/

      1. I guess I wish I had a few close friends. I’ve never pictured myself being the sort of person who’s surrounded by buddies, but I really don’t have many people in my life right now. I REALLY wish I had a few friends who were writers, so we would have something big in common. :/

  9. Pain/shame that I haven’t done more helpful things in my life, terror to think how people might act and that I would to let them down, but gratitude for everything I have, and peace in most moments.

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