48 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 117

  1. I must be blessed, I have mentors in my professional life and in my personal life and my social life. I’ve tried to follow their lead but I’m not sure I’m always successful.

      1. To be honest with myself. to be a researcher. It’s difficult to say in one word. I can’t say in one slogan. Just general outlook on life. I guess second mentor could be Nikolai Berdyaev. Third could be Voltaire. It’s just an aesthetic worldview. You know in one sherlock holmes’ book there was a preface with words: Holmes was an aesthete. I thought it was an interesting idea. I am not a Sherlock just want to say. Those guys gave me chance to look at things and at myself at special angle of view.

      2. This is so powerful. I believe that being a researcher that tries to discover the own self can allow us to view things from different angles.

      1. I have multiple mentors. One of them is Elon Musk for the determination he has and also for having the balls to do things other people don’t even wanna try. Another mentor is Jordan Peterson because of how great and specific his speeches are. I just bought his book 12 Rules for Life and I can’t wait to read it. I also try to learn as much as I can from J. K. Rowling because she is one of the top writers out there and since I want to be a writer too, I believe I have things to learn from her. I guess I can find a few more if I search 😀

  2. I have had several mentors throughout my life. A few were my great teachers when I was in high school a million years ago. But as I gained experience in my career I had the good fortune of having great role models and mentors. One of them was the chairperson for the English department. He is a special soul and taught me so many of life’s valuable lessons. We correspond and talk on the phone every so often. Now in his 90’s he is still going strong and always offers me great advice when I need it.

  3. I love these questions posts. Hmmmmm. 🤔 as cheesy and mommas boy as it sounds I would have to say my mom. She’s a nurse and she’s a hard worker and loves her job. She’s always been there for me and has loved me unconditionally. She is my mentor, friend and mother. And i am blessed.

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