From great pain to great motivation

   In my “journeys” on YouTube while listening to what the greatest people have to say about everything, I’ve noticed that so many of them got awesome because they were at a very low point in their lives and they decided to do something about it.

   It’s interesting how we feel the need of some sort of change when we’re suffering and it seems that the bigger the pain, the bigger the motivation can be. For example, Will Smith comes from a broke family where he had to work from a very early age. Tony Robbins has been abused as a kid by his mother and while growing up he got to a point where he got only 17 dollars which he gave to a child in a restaurant, this leaving him with nothing. Grant Cardone has been homeless for 6 months. Tom Bilyeu was obese. Eminem grew up in a trailer. The examples can go on and on.

   Sometimes people get to a point in their lives and they swore to themselves that they will never get there again and that they want to help other people to avoid that. I think this is the key factor. To help other people learn from our mistakes. If we want to evolve as a community, it is our duty to share what we learnt on the hard way.

   When we’re suffering, we feel the need to do something about it. We either find the strength to do whatever it takes to never be in that point again, or we try different ways to express that suffering. That’s where art comes in. That’s why some of the greatest poems, paintings and so on are created in a state of suffering, don’t you agree?

   I guess that when we’re suffering, we’re connecting with our true selves and because of that, we can find the best ways to get over that pain. We might not do it from the start (we might try alcohol or things like that), but if we still don’t feel we’re getting somewhere, we should try other things. When we find the things that matter for us, we might also find the motivation to do something about that.

   What do you think? Have you found motivation in your pain?

36 thoughts on “From great pain to great motivation

  1. Totally agree. My best poems and articles are borne out of my worst moods and darkest emotions. When I’m happy, I find it difficult for the words to flow.

  2. This has happened to me often. Even when depressed and feeling totally unmotivated, the best thing you can do for yourself is to DO something. You’ll start to feel better and the motivation will come. It works.

    1. Yes, I’ve noticed. Today I encountered many problems and in a weird way I was glad because I felt the strength necessarily to deal with them all.

  3. I want to help others who suffer from a chronic disease although it took me 20 years to accept my own.

    1. That’s very noble of you. Because it took you 20 years, you know the ways that work and the ways that don’t work and sharing them can help lots of people!

  4. This is true. From darkness shows the way to light (if it’s there from the start). I, too, have noticed that pattern. It keeps me wondering, however, what if one goes through life, evenly, with seemingly no ups or downs… will this person ever grow? Evolve? Succeed in life? And is it wrong to wish adversaries onto oneself if his ultimate goal is growth? What’s out there for the average folks?

    1. Great questions. Probably if we hardly challenge ourselves, we hardly evolve, but if we are challenged, we find the cleverest ways to level up.

  5. I’ve often heard that the greatest comedy comes from the greatest suffering. I tend to believe that – having the will to turn that pain into something that brings joy.

  6. It was such a good read!👌
    Thanks for sharing.👍
    I can really relate to this. Even I like writing stuff, mostly motivational and life related quotes and poems. There have been times when I have recollected my thoughts on a paper while going through some pain or failure in life those thoughts have turned out to be the best motivational quotes and poems and have been appreciated by people around me.
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    1. Thank you for reading and for taking your time to share your thoughts! Good luck in this awesome writing adventure! 😀

  7. Hi DM, thanks for sharing. Yes indeed pivotal times do call for change and it is during this change we find answers.
    Perhaps we can find answers together. I have set up a blog to share some pivotal moments that i have and may it bring about enlightenment to you and other readers.
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  8. I loved reading this. Thanks for sharing it. Yes, pain is necessary to learn the value of life. Pain teaches the real lessons of life through which we become wise. There is no legend ever who hasn’t suffered from bad circumstances in life. So, we shouldn’t complain if we are facing such problems in life because this process is making us tough. After all, suffer adds meaning in our life. Great article my friend. Have a great day!
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    Kiran Nalawade.

  9. Absolutely love this, so so true. If we weren’t suffering in anyway and we all lived comfortably, the world wouldn’t move/progress. Everything we do is to make our lives better and even if we are comfortable, we do things to prevent suffering. Thus motivation does indeed come from suffering.

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